RingCentral voicemail service for small business

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The unique feature of RingCentral's voicemail is you can access your messages from anywhere and at any time that is convenient for you. You can also send callers to voicemail in real time without worrying about missing calls.

RingCentral voicemails will be sent to you as a wav file that you can play over your computer speakers - should you want this option. You can have voicemails stored in your RingCentral Mobile account for up to a month - and you can even listen when offline. RingCentral also has other types of voicemail delivery and notification options. These options include email and a desktop call management tool.

To access your messages by phone, simply call your RingCentral number from anywhere in the world and punch in your PIN. If you use a local number, leaving and listening to voicemail by phone is FREE. Voicemail has come a long way from its early days of merely recording and storing messages.

RingCentral subscribers get up to 100 mailboxes, all of which are password-protected. You can allot these mailboxes to employees and business associates wherever they are. As far as pre-recorded messages, it is interesting to know that RingCentral has partnered with a recording studio to assure a professional sound for voicemail.

Users can also send callers to voicemail in real-time using RingCentral's call controller feature. This feature which identifies the caller gives the user four different options - to accept, to send to voicemail, to reply with a text-to-speech message, or reject the call.

Needless to say, a robust voicemail system is something every business can aspire for. Sophisticated voicemail is particularly useful for small businesses that have only a few employees. Yet another feature is callers can be sent to voicemail via photo. A RingCentral auto-attendant will present you with the option. Users will be alerted by a text message if they are offline.

As is known to many, the simplest form of voicemail resembles an answering machine, allowing callers to choose whom they wish to leave message for. Of course, Voicemail can be much more than that.

But the advantage voicemail has over answering machines include features like answering many phone at once and storing messages in mailboxes associated with specific phone numbers. Another striking voicemail feature is the ability to forward messages from one mailbox to another and leaving messages for more than one mailbox simultaneously.

Today, voicemail systems provide multiple delivery options and alerts. This means the recipient can retrieve voicemail messages via e-mail, a Web-based account, and using a voice-equipped desktop computer - not to speak of voicemail messages being retrieved by phone. RingCentral members can retrieve their voicemail messages from any phone be it fixed-line or mobile by dialing a local access number. In the past, voicemail was only accessible by dialing into the system from a desktop phone.

Presently, voicemail systems can be configured, for example, to play different greetings to different callers. Users can also be presented, from within the voicemail system, with an option to transfer to another phone number in order to access a live person.

Please remember that voice mail, from RingCentral, is the fastest and simplest way for you to create a professional, established image for your company. An instant-on service, RingCentral voice mail provides you with big business image and functionality, but at an affordable price.

Cyril Bird, an expert in the field of virtual telecommunications recommends checking out RingCentral.com , a leading provider of Voicemail Service and Virtual PBX System for small businesses.

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