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Please remember the RingCentral Mobile 1.5 business application is possible only if you have an existing RingCentral account. You can visit www.ringcentral.com, create an account and straightaway access your own virtual PBX business phone system. After you sign up, you can enjoy the many phone service features that include:
  • 800 and/or other toll free numbers

  • Auto attendant facility

  • Virtual PBX that converges your mobile phone as well as the landlines

  • Company greeting and Music-on-hold

  • Multiple extensions for voicemail and fax

  • Dial by name directory

  • Call routing to mobile and landline numbers

  • Multiple voicemail boxes

  • Internet fax and sending fax from your iPhone,

  • Call forwarding

  • Voicemail with email delivery

  • Call screening with advanced Caller ID

When making an outgoing call, your iPhone will dial your RingCentral number first. RingCentral servers answer this call and seamlessly redirect it to the party you are calling, eliminating intermediaries previously required for RingOut calls.

RingCentral Mobile is a free application for the iPhone that lets you display your RingCentral number as the Caller ID when making business calls. You can also add, edit and dial personal or business contacts. Besides, you can view, play and call back voicemails with visual voicemail. The user can receive, send and view Internet faxes.

Existing RingCentral customers may just download the free application from the iTunes App Store and login using RingCentral number and password. It is so simple - RingCentral turns your iPhone into a powerful mobile office and so much more.

There are many benefits to being a RingCentral Mobile customer. It has been stated earlier and yet worth repeating, even the smallest of businesses can project the image of a large company by using RingCentral. Calling from anywhere in the U.S. or worldwide, your customers will be professionally greeted and directed to a department or extension that you specify.

There will be a single phone number to reach you and your employees wherever you are, whether in the office, at home or elsewhere. Get faxes right into your email inbox and dispense with the fax machine, fax supplies, or even a separate phone line.

Combine all your home, office and other lines into a single toll free or local number and have all your calls answered and directed to virtual extensions by auto-response. RingCentral assures you powerful call management, including time-of-day routing and answering rules. You can connect callers to remote offices and employees as easily as if they were all sitting next to you. With RingCentral, your can have a toll free number, a local number or both. As you may be aware, one big advantage of a toll free number is that your customers, remote employees, and suppliers can reach you without paying for the calls.

Stay connected even when you are not in a position to receive a call. RingCentral can deliver messages to multiple email addresses and mobile devices. Voicemails are converted to audio files and sent via email to your computer. As a matter of fact, you can even have faxes delivered as email so you can listen to your voicemails and peruse faxes regardless where you are.

Cyril Bird, an expert in the field of virtual telecommunications recommends checking out RingCentral.com , a leading provider of Toll Free Numbers and Virtual PBX System for small businesses.

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Online Fax can benefit for your business in several additional ways. To learn more visit: http://www.RingCentral.com There is also information here on 800 Numbers for Business and non-business use.

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