RingCentral - Phone & Fax Service for Small Business

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Fax Service

RingCentral is arguably one of the market leaders for prompt and efficient Internet fax service. Most business houses - particularly small business owners - are tied up with RingCentral for all their fax communication requirements. RingCentral Fax service offers a total package that includes advanced email fax capabilities to easily send and receive fax messages.

In today's free market economy where competition is becoming fiercer by the day, communications is critical for all business houses. Every small business needs fax facilities to send and receive all types of business documents including quotations, product information, general communication and invoices. RingCentral fully understands the role of fax communication in small businesses and is fully geared to meet customer's demands.

You can fax online, and RingCentral with its fax-to-email capabilities, can straightaway convert your faxes messages to email for easy access at anytime and from anywhere. There is a tremendous saving of time and money as faxes are sent and received from Microsoft Office. You can with ease send faxes from any Microsoft Windows application, attach documents and get junk faxes out of the way. RingCentral Fax service lends your business a professional image. With RingCentral Fax you can receive faxes in your email inbox and fax any document from within any Microsoft© Windows application - it is as simple as that.

All RingCentral fax service plans come with unique features:

1. With a toll free or local number one can send and receive faxes to and from any fax machine in the world.

2. Fax messages will arrive in your email inbox and are stored in online account for easy retrieval.

3. Send faxes from any Microsoft Windows® application by clicking the RingCentral Faxicon on your application toolbar, or select from the File menu.

4. Outgoing faxes are transmitted over an encrypted connection for maintaining secrecy. One can retain incoming faxes in password-protected online account.

5. Fax editing software is included with your account to facilitate preview and print faxes, design custom cover sheets, interpolate and sign electronically.

6. Get text messages on your cell phone or PDA with fax alerts.

7. Possible to store exhaustive record of faxes in Web-based account.

Phone service

RingCentral virtual phone system with a Toll Free 800 numbers brings to small businesses all the facilities of phone service saving the clients the bother of buying the equipment and then maintaining it. Self-employed professionals, home offices and small business houses cannot expect a better telecommunications solution. All you have to do is to sign up for RingCentral, and you will instantly be provided with your own Toll Free 800 or a Local Area Code phone number or if you so wish, you can also transfer your existing phone number into RingCentral.

You are given the choice of picking any toll free number that you feel is right for you - regular toll free (866, 877, etc.) or a true 1-800 or an alpha-numeric vanity number.

RingCentral enables you to answer calls on your existing mobile or landline phones, or even on your PC. You can also use RingCentral to send and receive faxes, automatically forward calls to any member of the team wherever he or she is and provide callers with an auto-attendant and the facility of dial-by-name directory.

RingCentral offers maximum flexibility so that you can configure your virtual phone system in keeping with your requirements. There is the expandability provision to add extensions as the business grows bigger.

There are hosted Phone Service Features galore and to list a few - Toll Free numbers, Virtual PBX, Call Forwarding, Call Screening, Multiple Extensions, Call Logs, DigitalLine VoIP, Unlimited Outbound Calling, choice of 800 Numbers, Voicemail, Message Alerts, Auto Attendant and Dial-by-Name Directory.

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