Rides To Prioritize At Disney World

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Walt Disney World has captured our excitement for a long time when it comes to their attractions, and it seems like there's no stopping them in giving new excitement in building and upgrading their rides and attractions. It's no surprise that they have maintained the top spot for the most visited and most popular theme park in the world. People are lining up to registered for a guide to Walt Disney world and make that chance to visit the popular theme park.

The words speed, thrills and adrenaline might not cross your mind when you are planning a trip to a guide to Walt Disney World. But over the past decade the theme park has stepped up and maintained their top spot in giving guests an experience that leave them breathless, weightless and wanting more.

Consider this as your Disney guide for the best thrill rides at Disney World that you must experience first hand and not just a rumor:

The Pirates of the Caribbean ride has been entertaining visitors to the Disney parks since it first appeared at Disneyland in 1969. It has always been a popular ride but garnered more interest from guests since the very successful Pirates of the Caribbean movie hit the screen. Now you will find Captain Jack Sparrow himself leading the pack with the rest of the animatronics. Guests will board a boat and sail along for an eight and a half minute pirate themed ride but be aware that there is a small drop in the dark at the start of the ride.

One of Disney's most popular rides the Hollywood Tower of Terror is an amazing example of how a clever story and an attraction can be combined to produce such an innovative attraction that you wouldn't dare to miss. The ride is based around the popular television series The Twilight Zone. Guests board an elevator and the fun is about to start as you glide past ghostly images through scary hotel passageways. You will experience several elevations and drops before the ride comes to an end.

Finding Nemo made a distinction for being of the best Disney movies and this ride did not fail to live up to expectations as it is so well done. You will find Nemo in Future World in the Living Seas Pavilion greeting coming guests. This attraction has breathed new life into this once forgotten Pavilion at Epcot. One of the overwhelmingly great features of this attraction is the music that will make you relax as you find yourself emerged in Nemo's world literally in a big salt water aquarium.

The outstanding thing about any Disney World attraction is the attention to detail. And here at Expedition Everest you will find so much more than a thrill ride. The Disney creators spend 6 years researching this ride and the hard work paid off. The journey begins gently enough but of course there is a surprise just around the corner. The Yeti has torn up the rail track and your journey is about to get much more interesting as you dive and soar around the mountain.

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