Richer, Meatier, Tastier Philippines

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Food is the strong asset here in the Philippines by way each prepare, cook, and eat food. We live in a tropical place where the climate, animals, fruits and vegetables were fantastic to live and eat. That every one can plant vegetables and fruits at their backyard, have pond of fish, poultry of chicken and piggery. Itís a place where you can find different kinds and taste of fruits whether it is sweet, sour salty, bitter fruits all that can meet your taste sensations. Fruit is plentiful with mangoes, papayas, bananas, chicos, lanzones, guavas, rambutans, atis, coconuts, magosteens, pineapples, durians and a lot more. Tropical vegetables which I usually eat like malunggay, carrots, kalabasa, gabi, kamote, kangkong, okra, pechay, sitaw, ampalaya and more of vegetables that are healthy and can easily plant and healthy one.

Even we have more of fruits and vegetables we Filipinos are also craving for meat. The demand for fresh meat like chicken, pork and meat are also high. If it is necessary I also wanted that my meal will always be pork or chicken dish. Any pork recipe and chicken recipe will do but Iím longing for chicken adobo. As I observe we Filipinos loves oil and fatty foods. During fiesta, birthdays, and all occasions pork are always present to serve. Lechon is serving during fiestaís and family celebrations. Some delicacy like Kare-kare, adobo which closest in our hearts, menudo, sinigang, metchado, kaldereta are all meat that we are craving for. But letís try to moderate what we are eating for a healthy living. More of Filipino today is unhealthy because lots of fats or meat was stored in our stomach that causes illness or even death. So today healthy living is very in, they become conscious of what they eat, they regularly exercise and they become vegetarian. They all want to be physically fit and try to avoid eating pork and find alternative meat that can also satisfy them.

We always want to feed our big appetite that can be seen with our culture because we eat several times at least five meals a day. We also eat lots of carbohydrates from the rice that we eat rice in breakfast, lunch, dinner and sometimes you can also have it during merienda. As part of food drinks from the Philippines are also in and on type of drink that is highly favored is chilled drink because of the countryís geographical location. The traditional tuba is still in the province. Brandy, rhum, gin are the local favorites. Chilled drinks and cocktails of fresh fruits can refresh us during summer and another drink is tea that can be made at home like lemon or ginger. Kamayan is also part of our culture. When we eat using hands is fun.

Thatís all we love Filipino food, from vegetables, fruits, meats, to drinks really full my appetite and satisfy my needs. You are not Filipino if you donít know how we eat, and what the food that we mostly like to eat. Come on letís eat and love the richer, meatier, tastier food of Filipino.

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