Rice Versus Wheat Dieting

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Which is better when it comes to these two juggernauts? I'll explain both and we'll come to a determination.

Wheat dieting is an interesting experience. When I first read the term I immediately thought of a diet solely consisting of wheat, but for most diets it's just the opposite. Many focus on ridding wheat from the diet completely in order to lose weight or be healthy.

This is an interesting concept that I was expecting, but certainly can work with. The diet itself is best for people who have intolerance to wheat, but can be done by anyone looking to rid the stuff from their diet.

Basically, a diet free from wheat would consist of three meals per day and a snack. Many things can be eaten but what are not allowed are pretzels, wheat bread, wheat pasta, and wheat cereal. Pretty much anything that must have wheat in it.

This wheat diet plan is similar to other plans that cut out certain foods in order lose weight. Many plans will remove potatoes and other starches, and if looked at in that way, this diet seems plausible.

The rice diet on the other had is a little bit more severe. Dieters are asked to eat from a variety of about 30 foods, but mostly rice. The goal is to limit sugars, starches, fats, and processed foods in order to lose weight.

The most basic plan boils down to a three phase regimen. Each phase is one week and each phase limits certain foods. The phases are supposed to help the dieter change the way they eat and view eating, so that in the third phase (the maintenance phase) they can keep off any weight they lost.

So, which diet regimen would be the better choice? That might be tough call depending on how much you like rice versus wheat.

But, overall I'd have to go with the rice diet. The reason is that the wheat diet seems to be mostly beneficial towards individuals intolerant to wheat products. While that's a fine reason, it should take a backseat when compared to the ultimate goal of losing weight and being healthy. The fact that it doesn't makes me skeptical.

The rice diet on the other hand seems to be a more traditional approach. Meals are selective and phases make it simple to follow. If you're an avid eater of rice, then the few other principles you have to follow for this diet should come naturally.

In the galactic battle of rice versus wheat dieting, rice wins.

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