Rice Cooker - Get The Right One!

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A rice cooker is your best friend when you want to cook rice trouble free. It is also a great time saver! Before you shop for one you need the basic idea about what the general attributes of the typical products are. This article sheds some light on that.

First of all, a modern rice cooker is not necessarily a programmable one. But fortunately, most of the rice cookers in modern times come with multifunctional capabilities. They are reasonably priced too. So you can expect a heavy bang for the bucks you invest. A standard cooker should be able to multiple different types of rice. Same goes for soup cuisine and porridge.

It can also come with special steaming basket that can handle vegetables. Buy a product that cooks brown rice well. And make sure that it doesn't involve in kind of messy boilovers. And make sure that your cooker comes with a decent keep-warm function.

Alternatively, you can also go for a compact version. True, many of those compact models can't compete with high-end models with advanced functionality. But a quality compact rice cooker comes with sheer advantages as the same time. The first benefit is the budget price. And they generally cook your white rice rapidly. When you buy a compact cooker, make sure it comes with a small size countertop footprint.

The limitation with compact cookers is that, they are good with only white rice usually. For getting versatile cooking ability, you can get a cooker that can easily handle specialty rice kinds such as brown rice, sushi rice and/or sticky rice. Today, you can find smaller 3-cup capacity cookers that make absolutely great choice especially for singles and/or couples. If you like a compact version from a manufacture, you should also be able to get a larger one (say, with 10-cup capacity).

At the other end of the spectrum, there are those programmable rice cookers working on fuzzy logic! These products typical work on induction heating, whereas an average cooker has to work on standard heating plate. But users are almost undivided on the notion that induction heating is the best as far as the question of temperature accuracy is concerned (this is an important precondition if you want your rice to be more evenly cooked).

So, try to shop for a cooker that yields ideal results each and every time!

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