Rhin-O-Tuff OD4800 Review

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As the only manual binding punch with interchangeable dies available on the market, Rhino's OD4800 has caused some well-earned excitement in the binding world. In this report we will take a closer look at the OD4800 and present you with a list of what we see as its strengths and weaknesses.


  1. It should be said that one of the greatest features of the OD4800 is its low cost. This machine is by far the least expensive option for and organizations that want the flexibility of being able to bind your documents using multiple patterns. At around half the price of even the least expensive electric punch on the market, the OD4800 gives you a great, affordable option if you don't mind manually punching your documents.

  2. Because it was designed to use the same punching dies as the OD4000 modular electric punch, you can utilize twelve different hole-patterns with the OD4800. Available patterns include those for plastic comb binding, double loop wire, three-hole punching, and spiral coil binding. There are also several custom dies available if you want to produce some other hole-patterns.

  3. The OD4800, like most of Rhino's other modular punches gives you the ability to attach your finishing device onto the machine. Depending on what type of finishing device you are attaching, you can either bolt them to the top or the side. Wire closers, coil inserters, and plastic comb openers are all able to be attached to the OD4800 helping to save space and to increase productivity if you are working alone.

  4. One thing that you will always be able to say about the Rhin-O-Tuff line of equipment is that it is built to last. The OD4800 appears to be no exception. As far as we can tell, its metal casing and all metal components should help to ensure that this machine will be able to last for years without the need for any real maintenance.


  1. We are so enamored of the concept of interchangeable dies on a manual punch, that we find it a little bit disappointing that the punching capacity of the OD4800 is rated to a relatively low twelve sheets at a time. It should be said that this is lower than what is offered by the vast majority of standalone manual machines. It shouldn't be a problem for organizations who use this machine for lower volume productions. But if you are going to want to bind larger documents on a regular basis, you might want to step up to an electric punch, or find a machine with a slightly higher capacity.

  2. The OD4800 is delivered with one die set of your choosing, but no finishing equipment is included. This means that if you want the ability to bind documents using two different hole patterns, you will need to buy another die, as well as whatever finishing equipment is appropriate for each style. This is not a big surprise or anything, but it is something that should be budgeted for.

  3. Attaching your finishing equipment can be a process that is a little tricky to figure out, and when you change out dies, you will need to be sure that the bolts are in very tight, or the mechanism may slip and affect the accuracy of the punch.

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