Rhin-O-Tuff HD7700 Review

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Designed for use in high production environments, the Rhin-o-Tuff HD7700 is presented as one of the most durable binding punches on the market. Here is a report we put together of some of this machine's strengths and weaknesses.


  1. The major strength of the HD7700 is its remarkable punching capacity. Though Rhino doesn't specify the punching capacity for each of the different punching patterns, they have no problem stating that it will be able to punch an average of forty five pages across all patterns. We found that with Velobind we could get up to around fifty five pages, and with the coil binding types of punches it was more like forty. We consider that to be pretty impressive capacity any way you slice it.

  2. For the most part, you would want to look into buying this machine if you think you will need the capability to change punching patterns often, and to do it relatively quickly and easily. We really liked the system that was in place to change out the dies. All the user needs to do is release the levers, slide out the die, slide the new one in and lock it down. There are twelve standard and fourteen custom die patterns that are available for the HD7700, meaning it is without a doubt one of the most versatile machines on the market. You can even have a custom designed if the hole pattern isn't available as a stock option.

  3. One truly great feature is that the HD7700's punching throat is 14" wide, making the handling of legal sheets much easier than almost any other machine on the market. In other words, most of the HD7700's competition does not offer what this machine does, which is punching for legal sized documents for all hole-patterns.

  4. This is clearly a machine that is built to last a long time. With its all metal casing and punching units, the HD7700 should last years without needing any kind of special maintenance. Rhino does back the machine up with a one year warranty so it's obvious that they have some faith in it too.

  5. We also like the huge chip tray, the reverse function (for paper jams), the LED display and the choice of three activators. These features help to improve productivity and make the HD7700 a great choice for production environments.

  6. The vertical orientation of this machine helps the user keep the pages aligned during the punching process. We thought this was a pretty smart idea.


  1. The large punching capacity is a great thing, but sometimes using the HD7700 to punch a large stack of sheets caused the pages to weld together. Punching smaller lifts fixed this problem but decreased productivity. As with all modular punches, you will have to find the balance between the capacity you want and the punch quality you are willing to live with.

  2. This machine is huge and is obviously designed for production environments. For this reason, some office users are weary of this machine. However, most organizations that end up settling on the HD7700 are extremely happy with their decision. This is one case where function trumps aesthetics.

  3. Sometimes you can feel a little bit of play in the die, due perhaps to the easy change system. For accuracy and safety, it is always important to make sure that your die is completely locked in place before punching.

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