Rhinoplasty: Non-surgical, Surgical and Reconstructive

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Patients who seek rhinoplasty don't all have similar issues, needs and expectations. There are many various forms of rhinoplasty surgery available nowadays to fit the diverse needs of patients. If the patient's trouble is purely cosmetic, non surgical nose job may be an excellent decision in some cases. When the problem is both cosmetic and medical, however, surgical rhinoplasty is necessary. Reconstructive rhinoplasty is focused on solving the medical issues that the patient may experience.

A non surgical nose job is an alternative to traditional surgical rhinoplasty. It can provide very fast results in a minimally invasive treatment without surgery. Injections such as BOTOX Cosmetics or Radiesse are used for smoothing the nose contours. In comparison with surgical procedures, the major advantages of non surgical nose jobs are reduced pain, lower cost (up to ten times), faster recovery, and a lower risk of complication. One potential downside to a cosmetic injection is that it will require a retouch about every 2 years, however this is still much cheaper than a surgical nose job.

Not all patients are eligible for a non surgical nose job, for example, someone looking to reduce the size of their nose will have to undergo traditional rhinoplasty surgery. This form of surgery deals with bigger cosmetic issues that cannot be corrected with non surgical rhinoplasty.

Reconstructive rhinoplasty is a more intensive form of rhinoplasty; it is for patients who have a physical injury and need to realign the tissue in their nose. Another reason for undergoing reconstructive rhinoplasty is to fix any abnormal growth in cartilage or other tissue, which may be creating breathing problems by clogging the air passageways. Reconstructive rhinoplasty is a very delicate and invasive procedure. For most patients, reconstructive rhinoplasty will be covered through health insurance, as it is not a

cosmetic procedure.

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