Rhino Tuff PC-2005 Review

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The Rhino PC-2005 is one of just a few five to one pitch spiral coil inserters on the market. In the following report, we will take an in depth look at the PC-2005 and present a list of what we consider to be this machine's strengths and weaknesses.


  1. While there is no shortage of 4:1 pitch spiral coil binding machines, the PC-2005 benefits from being one of the only 5:1 pitch spiral coil machines on the market, and the only one that Rhino makes. That alone gives it a bit of an advantage in our book.

  2. The PC-2005's plastic coil inserter can be used with coils that range from six millimeters to thirty millimeters in diameter. Five to one pitch coils, however, only being available in sizes up to twenty five millimeters, means that the PC-2005's electric coil inserter is good for use on all available sizes of five to one pitch coils.

  3. We have come to expect rugged, long lasting metal construction from the Rhino line, and the PC-2005 is no exception. With the exception of the possible occasional replacement of the coil inserter's rubber wheel, we can see how the PC-2005 could easily stand up to years of use without needing any manner of maintenance at all.

  4. Like its four to one pitch oriented brother, the PC-2004, the PC-2005 features a rather unique inserter that makes the process of inserting coils that are of all different lengths - from six to thirty six inches - a whole lot easier than what you may be used to. There is a small chute on the machine's right side that helps the user guide the spiral coils into the book, and also makes use of mandrels to help make sure that the coil spins correctly into the book. There is even a lexan guide to help users place their books correctly during the inserting process.


  1. For all its good points, we find it a little bit disappointing that the PC-2005's punch has a capacity of a mere twelve pages at a time. While this won't cause too much trouble for light volume users and smaller projects, those who are in high volume production environments may find that this punch will not give them the kind of speed and productivity that they may need.

  2. We find it a little bit mystifying that Rhino would make a special point of creating a machine that inserts longer coils so masterfully, but whose punch does not include any disengageable dies. This, of course, means that users who try to create documents that are linger than eleven inches will end up with incomplete holes on the edges of their pages. We'd love to see a version of this machine with disengageable dies.

  3. The PC-2005's ability to insert longer coils is a major plus (and this machine's major selling point), but the learning curve of this machine is significantly higher than most roller-type coil inserters. Once the technique is learned it becomes easier, but if you are looking for a machine that will see only occasional use, you may want to look elsewhere.

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