Rhino Tuff EWC-8370 Wire Inserter and Closer Review

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Marketed as a faster, more accurate manual wire closer, the Rhino EWC-8370 is designed to help users with the often tricky process of double loop wire binding. We took a look at the EWC-8370 and in the report that follows we will give you a list of what we consider to be this machine's strengths and weaknesses.


  1. Historically, one of the most difficult things about using double loop wire for your binding is inserting the pages of the book onto the spine. Once you have the wire inserted through the holes of the document you need to try and get the wire closed without any pages falling off the spine. We found that the EWC-8370's system made the whole process a whole lot easier, allowing us to insert the pages and close the wires in one easy motion.

  2. We appreciated the safety measure that the EWC-8370 includes which requires that the machine must be operated using both hands. In order to operate the EWC-8370, the user must press two buttons simultaneously keeping hands away from the mechanism while it is in use.

  3. Sometimes it can be difficult to select the correct wire size for the document that you are binding. The EWC-8370 makes that just a little bit easier by providing the user with a series of notches to help with choosing the right size. All you need to do is to put your pages together and see which notch they fit into. That will help you choose the correct corresponding size of wire. It couldn't be simpler.

  4. You can either use the EWC-8370 as a standalone, or if you have a Rhino HD or OD vertical punch, you can attach the EWC-8370 to the top of those machines. This is a great boon to productivity.


  1. Setup of the EWC-8370 can be a bit of a process for the mechanically challenged. There are a number of things that must be adjusted in order for the machine to work correctly, including the book stop, wire closer, wire rest, and the closing bar. The machine won't work at all if any of these things is not dialed in correctly. If you have any mechanical/technical acumen at all, it shouldn't be much of a problem, and if you are going to be using the same diameter of wire, then a one-time setup is all you will need. If you will be changing diameters a lot, and you don't have much experience, however, this machine may not save you any time over a traditional wire closer.

  2. If your organization is going to want to bind documents with 2:1 pitch spines, you will have to look elsewhere for a wire closing device, as the EWC-8370 is only compatible with 3:1. Also, you should know that this machine can't be used for documents that are larger than nine sixteenths of an inch in diameter.

  3. Along with the hole spacing, users will also need to ensure that the holes created are the right distance from the edge, as well as shape and size. This is typical of the process, and not something that should dissuade you from the EWC-8370.

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