Reviewing the Tamerica Tashin 240HB Modular Plastic Comb Opener

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If you're going to be binding with plastic combs, a comb opener is definitely a great tool to have. The Tamerica Tashin 240HB is one such machine. It is a manual, modular opener that's great for high-volume operations including print shops and any office that does a lot of plastic comb binding. It is the perfect companion to any heavy duty electric plastic comb binding punch. However, to find out if this is the right machine for you, please continue reading

The Tamerica Tashin 240HB comb opener is a commercial-duty machine that can allow you to experience greater productivity. The 240HB can be used in conjunction with a plastic comb binding punch, meaning one person can punch and another can open the combs and bind. This allows you to get things done a lot faster. This machine can be used with every size of plastic comb, both round and oval-shaped. You can open combs as thin small as 3/16" and as thick as 2 inches, meaning you can produce documents that contain as many as 425 sheets of paper.

The 240HB is great because you can use it to bind any size document you wish, from standard letter-size to custom-sized items. It has an adjustable binding stop that allows you to tell the machine to open up a certain size of comb. (This is handy because it allows you to easily bind a lot of documents that are the same size.) The machine is 14 inches long, so it is not very big. In fact, it's small enough that you could stack it on top of your binding punch and then tuck it away when you're not using it. And perhaps best of all, the 240HB is made from heavy-duty metal so it is great for large amounts of binding. It isn't going to break on you in the middle of a large job.

The 240HB has a couple of limitations. One of these is its size. While it's nice that the machine is small enough to be stacked and/or easily stored, users working with large documents (i.e. ones larger than 24 loops) will probably get frustrated by the machine's handle because it gets in the way. It's possible to work around this, but it can still be annoying. Also, the handle may start to slip after lots of use. If this happens you may need to tighten it. Finally, while the 240HB is a great choice for heavy-duty use, some users might prefer an electric comb opener to a manual one just because it'd be easier to use. If that's the case, the GBC PB2600 would be a good choice, especially since its handle doesn't get in the way when you're binding long documents.

Overall, the Tamerica Tashin 240HB comb opener is recommended for companies and organizations that need a heavy-duty machine. Even though binding longer documents can be challenging due to the placement of the machine's handle, this is a great machine that performs well and is solidly constructed. If your company needs a well-made, heavy-duty plastic comb opener, the Tamerica Tashin 240HB should definitely be on your shopping list!

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