Reviewing the Renz Combi S Binding Machine

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1. The Combi S makes an impression right off the bat with its rugged and heavy duty construction. Every part and component is made of metal and this machine appears to be designed to give you a great many years of service. It seems like it's pretty rare these days that any sort of product is truly created with longevity in mind, but the Combi S is clearly an exception, and is by all appearances built to last a lifetime.

2. Though the Combi S is designed to punch documents up to fourteen inches in length (including letter and legal sized sheets as well as the European A$ paper size) its punching pins are all fully disengageable, meaning that you can punch documents of any size as long as you can find the plastic comb binding spines to fit them. Other styles that use the rectangular holes that plastic comb binding uses can be employed as well, meaning that as a punch alone, this is a very versatile machine.

3. Speaking of the punch on this machine, the Combi S is capable of working through an impressive twenty five pages at a time. That is the stated sheet capacity anyway, and we have no reason to doubt it. However, as with just about any binding punch in the world, we suspect that you will get a cleaner punch and find the process a little more manageable if you work just a few sheets below the stated capacity. Still, twenty five pages is remarkable, and ranks this machine among some of the best in its class. At this capacity you should be able to punch somewhere around five thousand sheets per hour, meaning that this machine should be able to keep up with the needs of just about any office.

4. The Combi S also comes with an depth of margin punch control. This is a very handy feature that helps to ensure that thinner documents stay together better (if you increase the distance from the edge of the page that you punch the holes, the pages are less likely to tear out accidentally), and ensures that thicker documents function better (the more pages, the harder they can be to turn, so a smaller edge margin is better). In any event the adjustable margin control allows you to create better books, and that's what it's all about.

5. The Combi S also features a two-lever system that allows you to keep the binding spine open and ready while you are doing your punching. Not only is this great for speed and productivity, you can always make sure that your pages stay in the correct order.


1. The Combi S is a top tier manual binding machine, but it is a manual machine just the same. If you are going to be working with extremely large volumes of books on a consistent basis, and you need to punch them fast, you might want to look into a machine that has an electric punch. Either way, the ability to bind 250 books in an hour should get you through most jobs, manual or not.

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