Reviewing the MegaBind 1E Plastic Comb Binding Machine

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Reviewing the MegaBind 1E Plastic Comb Binding Machine

Akiles is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality binding equipment for all volumes and a variety of applications. Akiles Products, Inc. was founded on the principle to provide excellent and consistent quality products, all at a reasonable and competitive price for consumers. In this in-depth review we will answer your questions as we look over one of the most popular Plastic Comb Binders on the market today; the Akiles MegaBind 1E Electric Plastic Comb Punching and Binding Machine.

The Megabind 1E is an electric comb punching machine, meaning that instead of using a handle to activate the punching pins and punch your paper, this is done electronically using a foot pedal. The binding mechanism, like all plastic comb binders, is manual and activated by the simple pull of a handle. The electric capabilities and tough metal construction make the MegaBind 1E Binding Machines a great addition to any medium to high volume environment, such as large offices or print shops. It also has the capability to punch and bind paper sizes up to 14 wide, so those legal size documents are easily handled. You can bind books as large as 2 thick, or approximately 425 sheets of 20 pound paper, in a snap with the MegaBind Electric. All 24 punching pins are disengageable, making punching and binding those smaller or odd-size books easier than ever before. This feature is extremely important when binding sheet sizes other than letter size (8.5 x 11) and legal size (8.5 x 14). It allows you to disengage a punch pin (or multiple punch pins) to remove the possibility of half of a hole on the end of your sheets. For every 8 hours of use of the MegaBind 1E, we recommend that you punch scratch paper that has been sprayed with WD-40 or similar lubricating oil. This will keep the punching pins lubricated and help prevent residue build-up which can result in dull punching.

With a punching speed of up to 5,000 sheets per hour (or up to 250 books per hour), the Akiles MegaBind 1E Plastic Comb Binding Machine is the perfect addition to any large office or production facility that is looking for to combine ease-of-use with speed and efficiency.


  • The 20 sheet capacity (20 pound paper) is in the high range for binding machines in this price range.

  • The 14 binding edge lets you punch and bind documents up to legal size

  • Electric punching speeds production, allowing you to punch up to 5,000 sheets per hour, or up to 250 books per hour.

  • Economically priced for an electric plastic comb punching machines

  • Fully disengageable pins allow for perfect punching patterns, no matter what size you book is.


  • Closed throat does not allow for punching of sheets any larger than 14. Machines with open throats can accommodate larger sheets sizes with just an extra punch.

If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing the Akiles MegaBind 1E, visit Tim the Tutor at They have great pricing on a full line of Plastic Comb Binding Machinesand they charge only $9 for shipping UPS Ground. Shop online now!

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