Reviewing the Keencut Excalibur 5000 Cutter

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Reviewing the Keencut Excalibur 5000 Cutter

Vertical cutters feature a single sliding counter-balanced head with 3 cutting and scoring tools ready for instant use. This Multi-Purpose Cutter cuts through a variety of sheet materials easily, cleanly, and accurately. The super-grip clamp holds even thick materials at any required angle, and the clear rule along the cutting line allows easy alignment to artwork, lines, or registration marks. With a set-for-life squaring mechanism and the standard wall mounting or optional free-standing kit, the Excalibur 5000 Cutter provide a noiseless, dust-free and cost effective cutting solution for many of the materials used in a modern sign or graphic workshop.

The Keencut Excalibur 5000 Specialty Board Cutter is available in two sizes: 48” (Model# 60374) or 63” (Model# 60376). It is designed to cut all the sheet materials used in the modern graphics and sign making industries including: Mat board, cardboard, PVC, Hardboard and MDF up to 3mm (0.12") thick, Scores glass up to 6mm (0.24") thick, Foam board up to 13mm (0.50") thick, Foam centered board, Scores acrylics, Honeycomb & corrugated plastics, Aluminum Faced Plastics and semi-thick materials up to 136cm thick. The Excalibur 5000 Trimmer cuts vertically, providing the ultimate in space saving convenience. It cuts sheet materials easily, cleanly, and accurately every time. The super-grip clamp holds even thick materials at any required angle, and the clear rule along the cutting line allows easy alignment to artwork, lines, or registration marks. The Excalibur 5000 Trimmer delivers accurate, fast cutting, with square, clean cuts to the correct size every time. It is so easy to use, that even untrained or new operators will master it in minutes.

Changing blades & tools is easy with the Indexed Turret, (mounted on sliding head) which simply turns to lock any one of three cutting tools in its selected operating position. With no screws to loosen or tools to find, changing blades has never been easier.

The Excalibur 5000 Cutter features a One Piece Squaring Arm. This horizontal squaring arm is machined from one single heavy duty aluminum extrusion so that both the left and the right are in perfect alignment with each other. The Vertical Cutting Bar and the surface of the material being cut have no gap when clamped down. It is steel re-enforced and won't bend or flex when cutting dense thick materials like 1/2" Sintra Board and Gatorboard. The Pressure Sensitive Clamp provides light clamping that gives the user the ability to line up the board to hold the position, but allows it to be positioned under the clamp for final alignment. The Cutting Line Indicator is a clear plastic strip located along the left side of the vertical cutting bar that accurately indicates the cut line. This Multi-Purpose cutter also features Ratchet Control, which allows you to cut dense materials in multiple passes. Two Flip Stops can be engaged or disengaged without disturbing the settings. Accurate cutting by eye is made simple by the dual calibrated scales. The Counter Balance takes the effort out of lifting the cutting head. When released, the balanced cutting head stays in the last position ready for the next operation. The counter balance weight can be transferred to the upper or lower cutting head with the flip of a switch. Mounted to the wall at the top end only, two adjustable legs can adjust upon installation to suite the height of the user. A Squaring Adjuster Wheel is located at the Vertical Cutting Bar, and provides easy and accurate 90° squaring adjustments. Large Back Panels on both sides of the machine give maximum support to the material being cut.

Built to last for many years in a continuous running operating room, the Excalibur 5000 Cutter embodies the highest standards of engineering excellence combined with an outstanding value. Waste and errors will reduce and productivity will increase, saving you time and generating more profit. The Excalibur 5000 Specialty Cutter is an essential piece of equipment for every Graphics Studio and Sign making workshop.

The Excalibur 5000 Cutter also features a retracting cutting head when not in use to prevent accidental cuts and injuries, as well as a covered blade head so exposure to body parts is virtually impossible. We are so confident in the Excalibur 5000 Cutter that it comes standard with a five year manufacturer warranty and 20 year manufacturer warranty on the bearings. It measures approximately 84" W x 12"-16" D x 82" or 96" H and weighs about 240 pounds unpacked (or 278 pounds when packed).

Also included with the Excalibur 5000 Cutter are: 1)Standard Medium Duty Utility Blade… The Medium Duty Utility Blade is used for cutting up to 1/2" thick sheets of Foam Board, Gatorboard, Sintra Board, Corrugated Cardboard, and Corrugated Plastic Boards. 2) Scoring Blade… The Scoring Blade is used for acrylics and other ridged plastics. 3) Tungsten Carbide Cutting Wheel… The Tungsten Carbide Cutting Wheel is used for scoring glass and mirrors up to 1/4" thick. 4) Top Twin Wheel Cutting Head…The Patented Top Twin Wheel Cutting Head is used for cutting 1/8", uncoated masonite, mat board, .040 aluminum, and 3mm Dibond. Cuts with minimum effort and leavs no distortion or duct. 5) Wall Mounting Kit…The sturdy Top Mounting Kit allows for easy wall mounting and perfect cutting of all materials.

If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing the Excalibur 5000 Cutter , visit Tim the Tutor at They have great pricing on a full line of Multi-Purpose Cutters and they charge only $9 for shipping UPS Ground. Shop online now!

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