Reviewing The iPad 2

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It has only been approximately a year since the Apple iPad was unveiled. It is a revolutionary device that ushered interest in tablet computers in both producers and consumers. Tablet PCs are now in a class of their own, and are being thought of as the device in the middle; filling the gap between smart phones and laptops. Although the iPad was not the first of its kind, its creation was definitely what boosted interest in tablets.

Apple is still in the lead, with a year of great sales numbers, but the competition is now catching up. Since Apple can feel the competition breathing down their necks, they've decided to release the iPad2. The iPad2, like all of Apple's other products, is highly anticipated, so in light of this, here are a few of the differences between the iPad and the iPad2, to help consumers choose the right product.

With every new Apple product released, you can bet the new product is better than anything the market has seen before. Sometimes upgraded and updated products only have a few minor changes, but sometimes the whole device has been revamped. This is specifically why the desire for Apple products never wavers in the market. Even if other manufacturers are at par when it comes to technical design, Apple also has an edge in the appearance and style of their devices.

While Apple is known for their advances in appearance and style, the iPad2 looks prety much like the original iPad. The appearnace of the iPad2 is thinner and sleaker than the original iPad. This is primarily due to the advances built into the Macbook Air which was created to be as thin as possible. The thinner design ends up saving about three ounces over the weight of the original.

Here are some of the upgrades that are included in the new iPad2. The new processor is an A5 dual core chip instead of the old A4, which had only a single core, and was slower. Randon access memory has been increased from 256MB to 512MB. The new "2" also has a gyroscope to help with screen orientation problems that occured in the old iPad.

The screen in the new iPad2 is the same as the old one, which is too bad, because it could have used an update too. The upside is that there's a new graphics engine, which should improve refresh rates and color density.

Now, the only thing you have to decide is whether or not to upgrade from your old iPad to a new one?

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