Reviewing Dahle's Professional Guillotine Paper Cutters

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The guillotine paper cutter is just one of the products that Dahle manufactures and they offer three versions of different professional-grade cutters. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of these trimmers, as well as some information about how all three of these products differ from one another.


  • This product lineup consists of three different units so it's easy to find the right unit for your needs. The model numbers and cutting length and capacity of these products are as follows: Model #124 has a cutting length of 24 inches and a capacity of 10 sheets. Model #533 has a cutting length of 12 inches and a capacity of 15 sheets. Model 534 has a blade length of 18 inches and a capacity of 15 sheets.
  • All three of these products are great for trimming multiple sheets of paper at the same time. This can help you save time especially if you have a large project to complete. These trimmers can cut photographs and a lot of different types of paper, as well as cardstock.
  • The 533 and 534 models have a guard right next to the blade which will both hold your paper and protect your fingers when it's pressed down. It is great that Dahle managed to give this part two functions. Meanwhile, the 124 has a protective shield, however, it will not secure your paper. The blades on all three trimmers are spring-loaded so they'll stay in place, plus they can be secured when they're lowered.
  • Each one of these products has a very durable blade that's self-sharpening so you will always be able to achieve the perfect cut. Dahle has used Solingen steel for their blades which is a wonderful, durable metal that comes from Germany. (Fitting, since Dahle's headquarters are located there.)
  • Both the 533 and 534 have a backstop that can be attached to either the top or bottom of the trimmer. The backstop is adjustable and will really help you out when you need to do some repetitive trimming. These models also have metal bases imprinted with a protractor and metric measurements as well as standard ones.
  • Meanwhile, the 124 has a long-lasting, laminated wooden based that contains a grid so you can measure your paper before lowering the blade.
  • Getting a good warranty when investing in a rather expensive item is always essential. So you'll be pleased to find out that Dahle offers a lifetime warranty on these trimmers. (Note: the warranty does not apply to the blade.)


  • It is disappointing that the 124 lacks some of the features of the 533 and 534, such as a protective guard that also doubles as a paper clamp, as well as a protractor and backstop. Also, while its base is pretty solid, it still isn't as durable as the metal bases found on the other models in this series.
  • The 124 has a rather low cutting capacity of 10 sheets. However, it does offer the longest cutting length (24 inches.)

In conclusion, if you don't need the 24-inch cutting length of the 124, you would be better off purchasing the 533 or 534. While all three of these trimmers are made from high-quality components, are backed by the same warranty, and cut cleanly and beautifully, there is a world of difference between the 124 and the other two products, so choose accordingly.

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