Reviewing Dahle Vantage Lever-Style Trimmers

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If you looked at the title of this article and wondered what a lever-style trimmer is, you should know that the phrase is simply a synonym for a guillotine paper cutter. Cutters such as these are great for when you need to cut multiple sheets of paper at once. German manufacturer Dahle makes a very good lever-style trimmer called the Vantage Lever-Style Trimmer. It is available in three different sizes, is made from great materials, and it has some vital safety features. It also has a few cons, as well, which are discussed below. So continue reading to discover this particular paper cutter.

The Pros:

  • These cutting tools are available in three cutting lengths. They are:
    • Model #12E: 12 inches.
    • Model #15E: 15 inches.
    • Model #18E: 18 inches.
  • All three of these cutters have a good cutting capacity of 15 sheets. They can easily trim both regular and craft paper, as well as pictures, so they can be used for just about any project.
  • The guillotine-style blade is fashioned from high-quality metal, but while it's super sharp, it's also safe to use. These are spring action blades that will stay put and will neither fall down nor fly up to create a potentially dangerous situation. The blades also have a lock on them so they stay in the down position when the cutter isn't being used.
  • In addition to the safety features on the blades, these devices have a guard rail to help your fingers keep their distance from the blade. This greatly reduces the chance of an injury occurring.
  • Each trimmer has an integrated paper clamp that will secure your pages in place. This ensures a crisp cut and prevents the pages from fanning which can really mess up your cutting job.
  • These cutters are very well-built and have durable metal bases with pre-printed measurement grids. There are rubber feet on the bottom of the base so your unit will stay in place.
  • These trimmers are lightweight and affordable. The most expensive model, the #18E costs $109.00 to give you an idea of how inexpensive these cutters are. Plus, they're perfect for use at home and in the office or classroom. And they're made by Dahle so you are really getting a high-quality device for very little cash.
The Cons:
  • The utilitarian appearance of these cutters might not appeal to some people.
  • These devices aren't ideal if you need to cut more than 15 sheets of paper at a time. A guillotine paper cutter with a higher cutting capacity can help you out, if that's the case. Dahle makes professional trimmers that handle larger volumes of paper. However, they cost quite a bit more than these vantage series trimmers.
  • These devices aren't designed for heavy-duty use. They are ideal for use in a small office or home office environment for crafts or occasional projects. Production work will probably warrant a larger heavier duty model.
  • These products only have a one-year warranty and it doesn't cover the blade, unfortunately.

This paper cutter is perfect if you want one that is affordable, durable, and safe. While the cutting capacity might seem low to some people, it's more than adequate for this type of trimmer. So, if you need a lever-style paper cutter, why not consider one from Dahle?

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