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A movie to suit all tastes and age groups, Space Jam was created in 1996 and produced under the banner of Warner Bros. It is still considered one of the forerunners of live animation and action movies and set the trend for later animation flicks.

Space Jam was one of the rare movies where the NBA superstar, Michael Jordan featured in a star role and was supported in cast by the Looney Tunes team. The other animation characters that shared the screen space were Bugs Bunny, introduced his girlfriend Lola Bunny, and cast was supported by Daffy Duck and the other friends. The movie cut across age barriers and earned over $300 million dollars as total revenue.

The basic plot of the movie remained the same- victory of the good over evil but the style of production was awesome. The story starts with the evil aliens, Nerdlucks who are the minions of the villain, Mr. Swackhammer and the Looney Tunes stars, which live below the surface of the earth. His extraterrestrial theme park is on the verge of collapsing and he needs new attraction. He sends his team to kidnap the Looney Tunes characters to get his business back on track.

To save their skins, the Tunes team challenges them to a game of basketball as the Nerdlucks are puny aliens and their short height would be a disadvantage in the game of basketball. But not only are the Nerdlucks evil, they are clever too and steal the powers of the top NBA players such as Patrick Ewing, Larry Bird and Charles Barkely to become huge monsters, better known in the movie as 'Monstars'. With the super powers, the small sized Nerdlucks become huge sized giants with superb basketball playing powers and are no easy match for the Looney Tunes team.

In desperation, they seek the help of NBA champion, Michael Jordan as other star players have lost their powers. As the game progresses, Looney Tunes team has a face off and the only players left are Michael Jordan, Bugs Bunny, Lola Bunny and Daffy Duck.

Within the movie Space Jam, Jordan is a retired basketball player who has started playing baseball as he has an animated extendable arm. It is with the help of this super arm that the Looney Tunes ultimately get the winning shot. When the action is at the peak and the Looney Tunes are facing a backslash, Bill Murray joins the team to back them up and satisfy his long standing desire to be a basketball player! A complete entertainment, the movie also gave a market for collectible Jordan shoes, key chains, posters and stickers.

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