Review Samsung RF711-S02DE Notebook

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Multimedian. (HP Compaq CQ42 Battery ) Samsung introduces the Sandy Bridge processors to the RF range and supplies a proper multimedia laptop that is even suitable for gaming in the RF711. Why this laptop wastes a part of its theoretical maximum performance can be read in our review. ( Battery Lenovo Thinkpad T60 )
Samsung implements the new Intel Sandy Bridge generation of processors into the RF range in both the RF511 and RF711 laptops.( dell vostro 1520 battery ) The 17 inch model, RF711, with the Intel Core i7 quad core processor is looked at closely in this review. ( Battery HP 8510P ) The 17 incher is supposed to especially be suitable for multimedia applications. The laptop, however, will also likely be in focus of casual gamers thanks to the installed Nvidia GeForce GT 540M. The customer is to be persuaded to buy the laptop with an HD+ display, BluRay drive and a generously sized hard disk and RAM. ( battery hp 4510s ) We will comprehensively look at the suitability of the 17 inch model, RF711-S02.

Our Samsung RF711's test sample presents itself in plain black.( Lenovo 40Y6795 ) The display lid surface is made in high-gloss. It may look very appealing, but it magically attracts fingerprints and dust. Thus, you should always have a cleaning cloth at hand. The shiny Samsung logo and the just as shiny display hinges provide accents on the display lid. The imitated chrome effect bids a nice contrast to the high-gloss black,( HP probook 6545B Battery ) which would have looked a bit dull without the chrome imitations. Samsung has pulled the display hinges very tight in order to keep the heavy 17 inch display in place. Nevertheless, the RF711 can still just be opened by one hand. ( HP Compaq 8510W battery ) "Just" because the lower part lifts slightly, so not completely, from the table.
Mostly matt surfaces are found when the RF711 laptop is opened. ( HP Compaq CQ40 Battery ) Wrist-rest, touchpad and keyboard gaps are all made of matt plastic. So, it doesn't have to be cleaned frequently. ( hp elitebook 8730p battery ) Merely the display bezel is made of glossy plastic. Samsung also set accents inside with different colors. So, the keyboard and hot key area are on a silver backing and let them clearly stand out from the black wrist-rests.

Samsung doesn't allow itself any major flaws in terms of manufacturing.( hp 4710s battery ) As expected, the display lid can be marginally depressed in a closed state. Nor is the display's torsional stiffness particularly high. Merely a bit of pressure is needed to twist the lid evidently. However, this is a problem with which the majority of other 17 inch consumer laptops struggle with. The RF711 looks better in matters of keyboard and wrist-rest. ( Dell xps m1530 battery ) All interior surfaces barely yield under higher, selective pressure. Even the keyboard stays in place.
Not only Sandy Bridge architecture has moved into the Samsung RF laptops, but USB 3.0 as well. Thus, ( Battery Lenovo Thinkpad T61 ) the Samsung RF711 also has two of the new high speed ports. Otherwise, there aren't any real highlights among the RF711's interfaces.
The power socket for the adapter is on the laptop's left, ( sony vgp-bps13b/s Battery ) as well as the VGA out, the RJ45 network socket, the HDMI out, two USB 2.0 ports and both audio sockets for headphone and microphone.( Lenovo/IBM Thinkpad R61 Battery ) The majority of interfaces are located in the laptop's front area. So it could get tight when the notebook is mostly used stationary and many devices are connected. In particular, the VGA and HDMI port could have been placed further back. Moreover, (  Thinkpad T60 Battery ) both USB ports are placed very close to each other. Large USB sticks (modem, etc.) could cover the second USB port, or even the HDMI or headphone socket under certain conditions.

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