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What’s so pleasurable with hitting a small ball with a very slim stick and make all possible effort to put it in a very small hole that is meters away from you? Not to mention the long walks and the dehydrating heat of the sun? Add the costly prices of the golf clubs and country club membership, why would anyone find this game exciting and fun? Although not everyone may appreciate this game, a lot of people make all ends meet just to be a member of a Country Club.

The top-of-the-line golf clubs costs more than the price of a second-hand car. Caddies and golf carts are also rented on an hourly rate. And initiation fee can cost to as much as $120,000. This amount of money is spent to play golf. Is it just really about golf?

There are people who purchase country club membership simply because they love playing golf. These are affluent people who find golf relaxing and believe that the walking, the hitting and the very good scenery are good for their health. However, there are people who make their way to this membership just so they can take advantage of the networks that are potentially growing in these closed groups.

Since initiation fee, monthly dues and guests fees are surely expensive, one can be certain that this closed group has the wealthiest and well heeled members. Imagine a place where the most affluent people walk around? You can be sitting beside a tycoon, a millionaire or a famous artist. Wouldn’t that be the best opportunity to offer something or anything that you can generate an earning?

However, if you want to become a part of the Country Club, then you have to make the investment. Connection has the price, and this connection has the highest price. But if you consider the rewards and the potential income you can generate simply by having a network of people with a lot of money to dispose, it can be compensating.

The drawback with this strategy is that a lot of businessman already has the eye and, probably, the means to try this. It can be assumed that, since many tried this approach already, the wealthy targets are already on their guard to accommodate people posing to love golf and the scenery but are really after the network the potential income that they can generate from it.

Perhaps the person that will surely benefit from spending a huge amount of money for the Country Club membership is the person that has the passion to play golf, the dispensable income to pay for the expenditures and the ability to make connections and profit from it. If you are not this person, perhaps it would be better to invest on a business where you have fun and at the same time make an income. It can only happen if you choose an investment that is close to your heart.

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