Review of the Samsung T084M and the MegaSTOR M16X3DVD98XE

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Samsung T084M
A netbook or a laptop user without any provisions for an optical drive who are always on the go should find this particular USB CD Writer device by Samsung useful and practical. With its slim, compact yet durable design, weighing only less than one pound in a 6-inch square frame with a thickness of only ¼ inches, it is an ideal companion for your laptop or netbook.

It is feature-laden despite its small size which makes this USB CD Writer really unique and something special. These include a multi-format, high-speed writing capability, USB 2.0 Interface, TruDirect Real Time Recording and a Nero Software Suite.

The Samsung T084M needs no power cord or any outside power outlet because it gets its electrical power supply directly from the USB slot, so it is very convenient to use. You can also orient the device in either horizontal or vertical positions, something that you cannot do with the other USB CD Writers available in the market.

The Samsung T084M also works with practically every available CD/DVD formats that include:

• DVD±R 8X
• DVD+R DL 6X (DL meaning Double Layer)
• DVD-RAM 5X (RAM: Random Access Memory)

The Samsung T084M USB CD Writer in summary is an indispensable, and sleek portable device especially for those professionals on the go who require a fast and reliable device for their burning and installing needs. It is compact and surprisingly fast, which can read and write just about any CD/DVD formats.

The MegaSTOR M16X3DVD98XE has all the standard features of a reliable and fast USB CD Writer ought to have - a super multi CD/DVD writer with an attractive software package and more. It is incredibly fast - it can write data on a single-layer blank DVD at 16x, rewrite DVD +RW at 6x and rewrite DVD - RW at 8x, which is comparable with the higher priced brands out there.

This particular USB CD Writer also supports most of the CD/DVD formats and can be connected by either the USB 2.0 or Firewire Interface formats. The Multi-Media Software Package bundled with the MegaSTOR M16X3DVD98XE includes software for both PC and Mac that can be used edit a slew of media like sound, photos and videos, which can easily be installed in your PC's or Macs and has a nice interface.

But the great thing about this particular USB CD Writer is its customer support. The manufacturer of the MegaSTOR M16X3DVD98XE, Mad Dog Multimedia provides quick and adequate e-mail response and is always ready to answer customer inquiries and concerns. They also post updated FAQ's, quick set-up guide, firmware updates and troubleshooting guides in their company website.

Getting the best value for your money is your primary concern as a consumer, and getting value products like these is always refreshing. There are numerous USB CD Writers out there in the market and seldom do we see a reasonably priced product like the MegaSTOR M16X3DVD98XE that is at par, if not outperforms the high-priced brands.

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