Review of Sunless Tanning Product Lines

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Nowadays sunless tanning is the preferred way of most people to get a tan. This is because of the numerous benefits it gives and the higher safety it offers compared to natural tanning. However, as the popularity of the method continues, the more product lines that target this kind of market appear. Here's a review of the various sunless product lines for your guidance.

1) Bain De Soleil

Their Streakguarde Tinted Foam is a superb foam self tanner. It is also a sub-par lotion. The good thing here is that it gives you great color results. Their product also has a nice, light scent. The ease of application is another plus, if you do not want anything messy. A lot of recommendations for the product by light skinned people have become a buzz. However, there is also a "dark" version, if you prefer to have a darker tone compared to their normal one.

2) Au Courant

The company's main sunless tanning product is the Bronze Face Gel. It is basically a fine light-scented tanner for your face. The best thing here is that it it goes on easily, dries fast and does not give you a heavy or oily feeling. The gel boasts AHA, which can be helpful for skin exfoliation. Hence, you get to exfoliate, even when coloring your face!

They also have an Instant Sunless Tanning Lotion. There are some people who say that it has a slight odor with it. It also has a thick texture, which makes it more difficult for quick application. Nevertheless, it is very effective for coloring and is best worn by people who have light-medium skin tones.

3) Banana Boat

This brand is a highly recommended line. Some of their products even have double action, since they also act as good moisturizers. One of their x-factors would be their product's ingredients which have a high doses of vitamin A and vitamin E. They also offer you a snappy fragrance with the scent of mandarin mixed with coconut.

By applying their lotion before your tanning session, you could keep your skin's moisture intact, which helps in tanning it better. They also have a crème version, which is said to be light and smooth. It also has a good scent. However, it won't be something that you'd pick if you want to have a darker end product.

If you'll be using their instant version, you can get improved results if you mix or dilute it first with moisturizer. Keep the portions 50/50. Additionally, even though their tanning accelerator has a really good coconut oil scent, its SPF 4, which is not from zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, or avobenzone, is said not to be effective in protecting you from UVA rays.

4) Clarins

If you're up for a splurge, then this would be your pick since their products are a bit pricey. However, inferior results are reported from their gel, since it has been reported to be more of a lotion rather than a tanner. The application also feels a bit greasy. Nevertheless, once you apply it, it can dry up in no time. The light fragrance is a plus too.

5) California North

This line's Titanium Self Tanner has a pretty good scent compared to most competing products. It also has a good quality of coloring and fading. Another plus would be its hassle free application. However, it is not ideal if you want to have a really dark tan.

6) Coppertone

This line could give you long-lasting, attractive coloring and quick results. However, there are some things that you should be wary of, such as: permanent fabric stains, strong odor that is said to fade, and color bleeding on almost everything. This is best used by red heads. To get optimal results, exfoliation beforehand is recommended. They also have some products that could be intensely strong and could give you an overdone result. Hence, application should be controlled.

7) Doctor's Dermatologic Formula

Their self-tanner is fragrance-free. It is also even and easy to apply. It can give you a very good coloring. If you want to have a darker result, all you have to do is apply it repeatedly, until you get the desired skin tone.

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