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For all you authors slaving away over hot laptops or worse, here is a major solution to keeping track of your work and increase the usage you get from each article you promote. The backlinks that are provided by this tool for the MLM pro are really valuable for anyone who writes online as part of a home business, or as a freelancer. You will create your content faster than ever as well as improve your efficiency like you wont believe!

Do you recall how excited you were when your first article was published? Most people do, hopefully those articles never show up to embarrass us, however at what point did the creativity stop being fun?

Was it when Google decided to get really tough on similar articles, so we committed to endless re-writes, searching for alternative words until we felt like we should be committed? That chore is taken care of for you with Automatic Article Submitter, with its enormous alternative word bank, giving you back the energy you waste spinning that piece out for multiple submissions, allotting for a little more creativeness to creep back into the process.

Since we mentioned little creeps, your editor will gush over how few mistakes there are in regards to spelling, grammar and of course the overall word count you get through Automatic Article Submitter because this means his work is lessened. He has been utilizing the submitter in secret for months to save himself all that extra hard work. There is a lot more. With the program's keyword density analysis, you can forget about tedious counting.

If you keep your Automatic Article Submitter a secret, no one will know how you are achieving the hundreds of submissions a day, including your competition. With over 300 top sites getting hit up by your content, not to mention your own blogs, Wordpress and Blogger accounts, which can be added with no trouble at all, your coverage will advance you up the Google ratings, fast. Hah! Take that, Google!

I wish this program also made my morning coffee, but it stops just short of that, perhaps because it's too smart. Smart enough to adapt your article to fit any sites submissions policy, which takes up a lot of the writer's time, every day, trying to remember a particular site's policy on spacing.

Custom pen names is one of the great features Automatic Article Submitter has, plus it remembers them all for you. More features include automated creation and confirmation of accounts with the top sites, timed-release tool on a schedule for multiple submissions, and ability to pick the right category, every time.

For anyone who is unsure as to the degree to which the AAS can help because it has such a cheap price; I'm happy to say that it has a public Whois and Alexa page rank which lends it legitimacy that many operators cannot offer.You have nothing to lose and everything to gain since they promise to give your cash back if you aren't absolutely delighted.

There is no chance of them getting mine back. I love my Automatic Article Submitter.

Carin Davis is a Marketing Expert who uses article marketing to brand herself and her business. Click on the link to learn more about the top secret tool article marketing leaders use to submit their articles to hundreds of directories, Automatic Article Submitter.

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