Reverse Phone Number Directory- Stop prank calls right away

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Seeking for an unknown phone number is like looking for a needle in a haystack! But don't worry; there are few totally free reverse phone number directories that may do this job for you. Providers of cell phone connectivity and landline connectivity are really big in numbers. Each of them has subscribers numbering in millions. Still no cell phone business gives a cell phone number directory, which can make discovering owners of particular numbers simpler. The reason for not offering these directories is twofold. One, they wish to protect the privacy of the cell number owners. Secondly, cell phone owners tend to change their numbers a lot more frequently and consequently maintaining a database and keeping it updated is a tough job.

Thankfully, there are specific totally free cell phone and landline number directories that are obtainable on-line and do this job. They're called reverse phone number directories, as they are exactly opposite of conventional directories. Conventional phone number directories list the numbers of folks in a particular location, by arranging them alphabetically based on names and also the number against it. Whereas reverse phone number directories are a sequential list of numbers with the name listed against them. Reverse phone number directory is also known as crises cross directory, grey pages directory or occasionally a reverse lookup directory.

So often, it happens that we locate a number written on some old chit of paper without having a name or are troubled by blank calls. In such circumstances, a reverse phone number directory comes in handy.

History of Reverse Phone Number Directory

Reverse phone number directories have been available online, because several years in USA. It was mandatory for the telephone businesses to supply them to public libraries too as to law enforcement agencies. As the number of telephone subscribers increased by leaps and bounds, this need for reverse phone look up directories was inevitable

Discovering a Landline Number

Reverse phone number directories for landline numbers are generally provided by businesses that supply the telephone connectivity. Most national telephone organizations provide this facility by default. Some phone organizations supply each and every subscriber having a comprehensive reverse phone number directory in difficult copy, on request. They supply separate directories for residential and commercial phone number listings. Now, these reverse phone directories are even available online. Most of them charge a nominal fee for looking up the names from numbers. Some websites nonetheless do provide the reverse lookup service for totally free.

Some telephone businesses agree to exclude the name of a subscriber from these listed directories for factors of privacy. They charge a particular nominal fee for excluding the number. So it really is not essential that each number will be listed in these directories.

Discovering a Cell Phone Number

Cell phone numbers have not yet been produced available on tough copies of reverse phone number directories by the telecom businesses. This was due to the public concern expressed, concerning the privacy of cell phone owners in USA. However specific on the web websites still existing that offers, these facilities of reverse look up as a paid service. A no charge reverse phone number directory is also supplied by some sites which you can locate should you just Google it. Because there's no central unified listing of cell phone numbers within the USA, these websites cannot guarantee locating every number's owner for you!

So chances are that in case you are looking for the owner of a landline number, then free of charge reverse phone number directories can come to your rescue. Same can not be stated for cell phone numbers, as there's no total directory for it in USA!

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