Reverse Phone Lookup: You Can Run, But You Can't Hide!

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Here is a story of another sucker caught unawares by a reverse phone lookup. He snatched some high-ticket items on his way out of a sports equipment store. Store security saw him but had failed to catch up with him. Then, this brainiac called the store from home, offering to sell them back the stolen equipment for $300.

As the manager kept him on the phone pretending to haggle, another employee got online and used the phone number that showed up on the store's Caller ID to trace the call back to the caller via a reverse phone lookup. They had his name and address in seconds, and in a few more seconds the police had them too.

The cops were at this poor wretch's door before he even got off the phone with the store manager, getting ready to head out to the meeting place for the supposedly arranged exchange. He must not have heard of such a thing as a reverse phone lookup, because he was clearly stunned by the way things had turned out. The man tried to run out his back door, but gave in after a short chase.

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