Reverse Phone Lookup May Keep You Alive

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I just got done reading about the death of New York City radio newsman George Weber who solicited sexual services on Craigslist and ended up dead. Apparently, Weber was interested in rough play but didn't want to pay the going professional rate. He posted an ad on Craigslist, offering $60 for an encounter. Sadly, Weber got more than he bargained for: he was stabbed to death in his apartment.

The advice columnist was discussing this tragedy with his audience and pointing out the flaws in Weber's strategy. In his opinion, had Weber but taken some extra safety steps, he may have been alive and well today. To begin with, his problem was that he was cheap. Many people before him have sought similar services from professionals, at triple what Weber wanted to get away with, and lived to tell about it. He also neglected to meet his "date" in a public place where they could have gotten to know each other before engaging in clandestine activities on private turf.

This advice sounds reasonable and makes sense. However, that's not nearly enough. If you plan to solicit an intimate encounter from a stranger, PLEASE don't even think of meeting, public place or not, unless you have thoroughly investigated this individual. But, you'll say, we just met online, and all I know about this person is his/her name and cell phone number. I have three magical words for you: reverse phone lookup!

Reverse phone lookup is a godsend when you're hoping to get to know and trust someone in a hurry. You can enter a cell phone number and get all kinds of information in reverse, drawn from the phone owner's public records, which some people would prefer to keep private. I am talking about a full name and age, address history, and existing criminal records. Please get that criminal record report and make sure this person has not committed any violent or sex offenses in the past. Having this information makes a huge difference in your ability to relax and enjoy your first public meeting and get to know each other without reservations. If George Weber went the reverse phone lookup route, he may have been alive today.

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