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Reverse Lookup Phone Number also called reverse telephone directory (or reverse phone look up) is a compilation of telephone numbers and associated customer details. In simple terms the reverse phone directory is used in exactly the opposite way you use a regular phone directory. In the latter case which we are all familiar with, we make a phone number search by using the customer's name and details. In the latter case you trace call by searching through a telephone number to retrieve all of customer details.

Privacy nightmare

But does not such a directory have privacy concerns? Yes, of course it does, even though the publication of reverse telephone directories has been in print by private companies in the United States for decades. Take for example, the Google feature called the Google phone book that allows users do a Reverse Lookup Phone Number. The tool is so facile that the results display not only the owners' phone number along with the address but also links that direct you to Yahoo maps with detailed driving directions to owners' homes. Can you beat that? May be, by adding the even the owners' email addresses as well. As horrific as it may appear, invasion of privacy has probably gone too far. Fortunately, Google has a choice to opt out of this privacy trap.

Privacy issues apart, here is an overview as to how the Reverse Lookup Phone Number system works.

Reverse phone number search is an online technology that allows you to trace a call or find information about the user associated with a phone number. It is easy to find websites that offer Reverse Lookup Phone Number assistance. All you need to do is to type in keywords or phrases like "reverse phone look up" or "reverse telephone" or even "reverse cell phone" in a search engine. You will be instantly displayed umpteen websites, quite a few of them are user-friendly providing you with step-by-step instructions on how to make a phone number search or trace a call. Many websites offer free service, though some are paid ones. Free websites generally have a limitation in that they have a small database. This is understandable, because to expand the database, the owners will need to spend money to purchase information from various sources. These websites rely on sources from where they can get information free. But, the paid services are not very expensive. Typically a small onetime payment is enough to make unlimited use of paid Reverse Lookup Phone Number service. The extent of information that shows up in phone number search can be truly extensive. For instance, apart from user's name and addresses, you can get list of family members and neighbors, email addresses, neighborhood statistics, maps showing residential locations, and even civil filings and activities, offences and misdemeanors, and sentences and prison terms.

But what if the reverse phone service fails to deliver? Yes, it does in many cases. In such a situation, you must look to the refund policy of the company. Some Reverse Lookup Phone Number services offer manual search feature if the automated search fails for some reason.

Reverse look up is certainly a very useful tool. You just need to ensure the site has a large database, allows refunds, provides in-depth information, and more importantly is not a scam site. is providing Reverse Lookup Phone Number search tool, to find the identity of your mystery caller & also offering all US area code list. For more information visit the site

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