Reverse Mobile Phone Lookup - Free Results Give Basic Information

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Want to get a reverse mobile phone lookup with free results? Get the basic information about a mobile number without having to pay a dime from the best reverse phone directory online.

A reverse phone directory is a special online service that lets you put in a phone number and get back information about the person who owns that number, their address, and their public records information (like marriage records, divorce records, publicly reported liens, relative names). It's the opposite of a white pages listing where you have the name but need the phone number - that's why it's called a "reverse" directory.

You can find free reverse directories for land line numbers but you can't find a free directory for a reverse mobile phone lookup because there is no such database. Laws enacted to protect the privacy of wireless subscribers and pressure from the public to keep their mobile numbers private have made it impossible for a free directory to be published.

These laws, though, don't apply to third party services like online reverse phone directories that are built by companies other than wireless carriers. It costs them a lot of money to assemble their database - which is why a complete report about a mobile phone number is never free.

The best reverse phone directory online, however, does give SOME free results on a reverse mobile phone lookup and if all you need is this basic information, then you can use these directories to get that information and not have to pay a fee.

Reverse Mobile Phone Lookup Free Results

When you do a reverse phone lookup, you enter the mobile phone number before you ever have to give your own personal information. You don't have to enter a credit card number, your name, your PayPal account information, or even your email address. Just enter the mobile phone number in the search box and you'll be shown the free results that are available for that number. The best reverse phone directory will show you a general area where that phone number was issued, a map of the area in which the owner resides, whether the phone is a land line or wireless number, and the name of the wireless carrier for that phone.

You'll also see a description of any other information that might be on file in that reverse phone directory for that particular phone number and the cost to obtain that additional information. Since you haven't had to enter your own personal information at this point, you can decide to leave and use the information from the free results or choose to buy the full reverse mobile phone lookup report and get the name and address of the person tied to that number.


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