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What do you do when you receive a phone call at an inconvenient time from a number you don't recognize? Maybe you pick up; maybe you just let it go to voice mail; maybe the caller continues to redial until you answer the call. It could be a new friend, an old friend with a new number, a company you're doing business with, a bill collector or a telemarketer, a stalker or a wrong number. Whatever the source, a reverse phone lookup could make your life easier.

Those of us who change cell phone numbers often are both causing and receiving many of these unrecognized number messages. For the first few months after you get a new number, you're likely to receive lots of calls intended for the former owner of your new number. When these calls come at four in the morning, they are more than an annoyance; they are a harassment. Caller ID is hit and miss; it works better with businesses and landlines than with cell phones.

A reverse cell phone lookup service will return contact information, including the cell phone caller's name and address, more often than standard Caller ID. A few major competitors in this market offer both free and paid searches. Premium paid services can range from a one-time lookup to a full year subscription with unlimited searches.

Look for the service that gives you the most hits, best demographic data and the capacity to do unlimited people searches. Certain searches will even link to a full people search profile including the caller's age. Some services offer both landline and mobile reverse phone lookup, while others offer one or the other.

A reverse phone lookup may seem like a service you could take or leave, but once you have it, you will probably use it in ways you never thought of, such as looking up old friends, doing counter-intelligence on your business competitors or even foiling attempted identity theft.

One overlooked area of interest is SMS traffic. Because the average American teenager sends and receives over a hundred text messages daily, even a few percent unrecognized numbers means a lot of wondering. A reverse cell phone lookup service helps fill this information gap.

Is this something you need to pay for? You'll have to decide that for yourself, based on your uncertainty tolerance. If it's a disturbing SMS, an annoying redialer at four in the morning or a suspicious telemarketer asking for your credit card number, you'll be more likely to opt for the premium service than the limited free one.


I have done all the hard work for you by finding the top four reverse phone search directories.

Go to my website right now start your journey into reverse phone searches. Keep in mind, these services use the same databases that the police and private investigators use in their investigations.

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