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For those who have tried doing cell phone number searches using the white pages, yellow pages or internet search engines, you may be well aware that these are never very fruitful. They waste time and provide little to no information.

It still may be useful to some to use the free methods to verify very general or basic information. When searching for companies and larger businesses it is possible to find useful information. You can find locations and maps useful for some searches, if you are searching a mobile number it is very possible that the search results will reveal only that you are searching for a mobile phone. There are still no free methods when performing cell phone searches.

The reason is that cell phones are part of the private domain and cell phone companies charge for access to information relating to mobile phone numbers.

How Do You Reverse Lookup Phone Numbers?

Something important you should know before performing a cell phone search.

The public domain does not include cell phone numbers. Cell phone companies are not legally able to provide or disclose cell number information free, but they can sell it. It may seem to be a little loophole in the system but it is hard to identify.

Companies will purchase records from several cell phone companies and compile all relevant and personal information into one large database. The information is then placed online in a private domain and is usable by paying customers.

The information you can expect to find is:

- the name and address of the registered owner

- previous addresses of the registered owner (if any)

- other phone numbers owned by that person

- number of people in their household (sometimes)

- household income level (sometimes)

Directories or databases are a usable and valuable tool when you are looking for information regarding cell phone numbers or private land-line numbers. Most legitimate directories will provide a free preliminary search to check their database easily for the number. The numbers located in their databases are linked to information of the account holder and this information can then be purchased with a money back guarantee.

The cost of a one-time lookup is just under $15 and a year-long unlimited search membership costs just under $40. Either way, you are covered by a 60 day, 100%, no hassles, no questions asked money back guarantee, which means there is absolutely no risk to you.


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