Reverse Cell Phone Lookup – Is Your Significant Other Cheating?

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If you suspect your significant other of cheating and you have tried to confront them with no success, you may have to get a little sneaky yourself. If you are wondering just who your partner has been talking to in hushed tones in the other room, you can always grab their phone, scroll through all the unknown numbers, and consult a reverse cell phone lookup directory. This is admittedly an extreme last resort, but it's better than living in a constant state of wondering whether you are being made a fool of.

Let's face it; if your partner is receiving phone calls from a lover, they probably aren't being made from a landline home phone number. It's much easier to make this sort of clandestine phone call from a wireless phone. So, if you are looking to find out personal information behind these numbers, you'll have to trace cell phone numbers with a directory that carries this data. White Pages or free directories will not help you here. Why?

Cell phone numbers are not a matter of public information. Major wireless carriers, who own and control the owner information behind these numbers, have only recently begun leasing this data to third party sites, who have made this information available to the general public. The few online directories that collect and resell this data have to charge a small fee to anyone that wants access to these results. This cost covers the reverse cell phone lookup site's costs and enables them to make a small profit.

The information you will be provided with by these sites will probably be more than you expect, and the cost is about the price of a pizza. On a reliable site, you will be allowed to search to see if the number exists in the database. If it is, you will be informed from what city and state the number originates from. At that point, you can either elect to make a one-time purchase, or, if you plan on doing multiple searches, purchasing an unlimited plan for a bit more. You will also be able to rest easy knowing you have a money back guarantee and a customer service department available that is responsive to any questions or problems you may have.

From the results, you will be able to find out the wireless phone number owner's name, billing address, map location of the address, wireless carrier, owner's status with the carrier, previous owner of the phone number, and often times, the owner's age and occupation.

This will be quite a lot of information for which to either confirm suspicions or not. Either way, you'll be able to make a better decision as to what to do next. Hopefully, you're suspicions will have been unwarranted. But, if it does turn out you have been cheated on, better to find out now so as to get on with your life.

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