Reutilizing Greywater In Home

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Reutilizing grey water

Typically speaking we can see three types of water at our places. Fresh water or tap water which is the good waster and can be used
for drinking. The fresh water when utilized can be categorized into two types. The used water after washing dishes, laundering, or bathing is called grey water. Any other water that is discharged from toilet wastes or kitchen is known as the black water. The grey water usually contains soap, oil, food particles, dirt, hair etc. but can be reutilized after removal of the same. This has twofold
benefits. First, it reduces the demand of fresh water required at the household for non-potable activities, and second, it minimizes the amount of wastewater entering sewer, drains or septic systems.

Uses of grey water

This grey water can be used in many ways in the homes or commercial building. Usually, the commercial buildings may not generate grey
water from shower but sink water can be utilized further.

Indoor use:

The reutilization of grey water can be the best option for apartments or houses where the water consumption is high for non-potable activities. The water generated from the bathroom sink or the water wasted while warming the shower or bathing is not too dirty and
can be reutilized. It can be collected in a bucket and can be used to flush the toilet instead of using the flush tank. A little
change in the fittings of the bathrooms can help achieve the same and save the cumbersome activity of using the bucket. For example the bathroom sink can be connected with the flush tank to collect the water in the flush tank every time the sink is used.

Laundry to landscape:

Another simpler way to reutilize the grey water is using the laundry water to water the plants. The water generated after laundry,
provided you are not using chlorine, bleach or other harsh chemicals to wash clothes, can be collected in a bucket to replenish the water needs of the garden plants or even the plants in your balcony. The washing machine hose can be connected to a pipe with its end in the garden to directly send the grey water to the garden every time the laundry is done. In case you do not have gardens the water can be collected in to water the plants in the balcony or the terrace. If the chemicals are used for washing then the grey water needs to be treated to remove the same so that it may not harm the plants.

Grey water generated from the bath tub:

Love taking bath in bath tub and ready to reuse the grey water, then it is the best option to start with. We usually need good quantity of water for such activities which can be utilized further. This may require some change plumbing. The bath tub and the water drain that carries the shower water is connected to the pipe that carries the water to the grey water tank set up in the garden
to collect the water and reuse to water the plants. The grey water stored in the tanks needs to be treated to remove the chemicals or

soap from the water for further use.

The simple and smart methods of reutilizing the grey water can help us to combat the water crisis and is also economical.

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