Reusing your Bags for Multiple Activities

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When you go shopping at the mall or at your favorite outlet, you always seem to be carrying a lot more than you thought you would be carrying by the end of the day. With multiple store bags and reusable bags it can be difficult to carry everything around during your trip. After your shopping and when you get home, what do you do with the bags? If you simply throw them away, you are committing a great disservice to your planet Earth. Shopping bags can be recycled and reused just as easily as any other bag you might own. Whether you need to carry around project supplies or random clothes and shoes these bags can be very helpful for those kinds of tasks.
The best thing about reusing store shopping bags is that stores usually put a lot of effort into making sure that their bags always look really cool. With a sturdy bottom and cool handles, most stores have bags that are very nice. While others queue into a younger crowd with lots of colorful bags, those have become very popular as well because they are usually drawstring, colorful, and very easy to carry around. Using these bags more than once is not only a great way to show than you can recycle, but it is also a great way to get more use out of the cute things that you might buy.

Leftover shopping bags, whether they are from your local grocery store or a recent shopping trip can be very useful for numerous things at home, work, or school. It can be your new lunch bag that you can throw all of your garbage into and throw away when you are done. It can also be a lifesaver when you are walking your dog and you need to pick up after them. High quality dog bags can be expensive so why use them when you could simply reuse your grocery bags?
Keeping all of your grocery bags may sound kind of difficult because it may seem like it will take up too much space, but not if you can condense them evenly. Stores like Target and IKEA sell very cute bag holders for your kitchen or basement where you simply stuff the bags in one at a time in the top and pull them out one at a time in the bottom. This way you always have a place to store your bags. If it turns out that you just have too many, the bags can be recycled in your normal recycling or even returned to your local store. Many groceries offer a bag return service and recycle them as well.

Being environmentally friendly around every corner can be very helpful so why stop with your basic everyday recycling. It is much easier and very cost effective to reuse the things that you already have in your home. So, the next time that you are searching for a bag to carry something in, simply grab a grocery bag from your most recent trip to the grocery store!

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