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There are times when what we think as somewhat only for the world of fictions, a drama that entices tears, can actually be true. Then again these stories are given the right touch of emotion if not for the real facts that are set from all walks of life. The true to life dramas of people whom we consider family, friends, even selves, contain the vibrancy of the fictions the books, or any other means of rendering a tale, has told through time.

The history each person carries about himself is but full of lost-and-found sagas. With the age of technology, where media—the television, radio and even the internet—has given the greatest influence in the mindset of most people, reality shows have become means of letting the whole nation, even those across the globe, into the real life drama that each character undertakes. In all of these, it cannot be denied that at least one out of the many is in search of a loved one and being seen in television has become a means of being found by that person rather than the other way around. Talent contest has become a sort of people finder, only backwards.

Looking for a long lost relative, even a friend, has become the most dramatic scene. People finder in social networks is not enough to solve cases that tend to locate the missing loved ones. These are very serious issues that need professionals in this area to call for help. Media gives more of its precious resource for this alone, one for entertainment; its call to inspire. The next is for their share of lending a hand. The people behind such shows are dedicated researchers that does more than just find but place their hearts in it. Reuniting loved ones is a hard task that needs passion and compassion.

For every book written is a heart. This heart binds reality and the lessons that has been bind with it. A love lost and a love found; a tear shed and smile shared. Each person's life is but a story yet to be told and retold.

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Emma G. Fox is a freelance writer, with experiences working as a marketing executive in a leading authority on the web when it comes to conducting background check and especially searching the criminal records, with the largest database consisting of over 26 billion government records is provided.

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