Retina friendly website

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Retina friendly website
Retina friendly website are website in which every icon, background or images used should look crisp on HiDPI display.
Retina display is a modern keyword from Apple, was introduced with iPhone 4.
The main aim of retina display is to generate an image that includes so many pixels in such a small space that the human eye cannot detect individual pixels; at least, not at the standard phone usage distance.
New Generation, that is retina display is now in market.if your site is not retina friendly then it may not display properly on for example your images can get blurred and without clarity and you may loose your visiter interest.
A retina display image (or high-density display image) is double the pixel size of a standard image - its scaling factor is 2.0.
Most standard desktop displays fall between 96 to 100DPI, with web-ready graphics normally at 72DPI. However, Retina displays have a much higher DPI (generally acknowledged at 200 pixels per inch, or greater), so the images will look blurry if you don't make adjustments

How to make background images Retina Friendly
Modern browsers now supports retina screens and are able to serve different assets depending on the device screen density. Basically, you need to know that everything except images are rendered in retina resolution automatically. If your site relies heavily on CSS effects such as gradients, box-shadows, and borders you don't need to optimize too much at all, apart from the images.

Bitmap background images
If you are using bitmap graphics as background images, you should create versions of these images that have double the resolution of the original image. By using CSS media queries you can serve these high-resolution images automatically to retina devices.

Retina Friendly Website effect on SEO
Google do not consider the retina friendly for seo.So, if site is not retina friendly then it will not have any impact on seo.
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