Retaining Your Calcium for Strong Bones

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Many people do not want to get osteoporosis as they get older. It is important to keep the calcium that is in your bones instead of losing it.

The ways that calcium can be lost from the bones is by consuming acidic foods and by not exercising. When people are sedentary too much; such as lying in a hospital bed recuperating, a lot of calcium can be lost from the bones.

When people consume too many acidic foods, calcium is also lost from the bones. The most acidic foods include soda, and animal products. Soda has phosphoric acid which leaches calcium.

Animal products such as dairy and various types of meats are very concentrated forms of animal protein, which end up being very acidic for the human body.

When the blood is acidic, it is a dangerous and a life-threatening situation. Calcium is leached out of the bones to buffer the acidity. Humans require an alkaline ph balance for the blood.

In order to retain the calcium in the bones, it is important to be careful to eat foods that contribute to alkalinity in the blood. These types of foods are vegetables, fruits, beans, and whole grains.

While the plant foods vary in their alkaline and acid content, the overall effect is alkaline on the body. Even lemons, which are considered to be acidic convert to an alkaline effect on the body and are good for the health.

However, dairy products, eggs, and various flesh foods if eaten in excess will cause a lot of acidity and disease in the body. It is therefore very important to focus more on the wholesome plant foods to help the bones to be strong.

It has been found in much of the studies and research in the medical journals that the countries with people consuming the most dairy and animal products also tend to have the highest incidence of osteoporosis. They also have a lot of problems with cancer, high blood pressure and kidney damage in these same people.

While diet can have an impact on the health of the bones, it is even more important to exercise them. Running on a treadmill daily can really have an important impact on the bone health of the legs. Lifting weights and doing other forms of exercise and activity will do a lot to help the bones to be strong.

Parents need to be sure that their children are physically active while growing up so that they can have the strongest bones possible. The parents themselves also need to be physically active.

Itís not easy to know if your bones are becoming spongy until you break a leg or arm from a simple everyday activity. You will probably feel fine while you are younger, but later you will be told by your doctor about pending osteoporosis.

Then, as much as now, you will want to consider including more beans, greens, and vegetables for building strong bones. You also need plenty of magnesium in order to absorb calcium. Magnesium and other bone-building nutrients are abundant in the plant foods.

It is important to take the time now to get into the habit of having stronger bones by improving your diet and being more active. You can then stand straight and be stronger throughout your life.

Cade Lennox is a fitness and health expert who has written dozens of Treadmill Reviews and other exercise related articles. He also writes about diets, nutrition and other health topics.

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