Restore Your Tresses with Biosilk Hair Products

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Got hair that’s in need of some serious pampering? You’re not alone. Many of us style our hair with heat daily, and it’s leading to some badly distressed strands. Heat doesn’t do your hair any favors, and yet, there we are, day after day, blow drying, flat ironing and sparking up the curling iron and the hot rollers to get the hair of our dreams. This is often in addition to the more expensive hair treatments many women get, from Japanese straightening treatments to Brazilian Blowouts.

Perms, straightening treatments – the list goes on and on. We’re never satisfied with the hair we’ve got. The grass is always greener on the other side. Sure, our hair might look nice when we style it, but get in the shower and it feels like straw. With all this styling, we’re forcing our hair into a sad, sorry state, and it’s in need of some pampering, stat.

Too much coloring and too much heat leads to unhappy hair, and unhappy hair means lots of breakage and plenty of frizz – something no one wants. If you want to continue to style your hair with heat and chemicals, you’ve got to start treating it well. Wondering how to do so? Start with Biosilk Hair Products, which are here to help you restore your tresses to their beautiful, natural, soft silky state.

BioSilk Hair Products are customized, offering different solutions for each and every hair type. Long and straight? Short and curly? They’ve got you covered, as well as every base in between. A complete line of hair care products that offers styling and finishing products for every hair type, you’re going to love BioSilk and what it does for your hair.

BioSilk’s line of products makes use of the power of silk, and the line is the first and original silk-infused line of haircare products. Silk contains 17 of the 19 amino acids in hair, reconstructing damaged areas to create a smoother hair cuticle. It also works to reinforce hair’s strength, preventing the daily damage caused by many styling tools. Additionally, it rejuvenates the hair, making for soft, supple and shiny tresses. What’s not to love? Silk bonds and repairs hair from the inside of the cuticle out, and, as one of the strongest fibers in the world (equal to steel!) keeps your hair happy and healthy. It moisturizes your tresses without weighing them down, and provides elasticity so that your hair doesn’t break as often.

Got limp hair that’s perpetually weighted down thanks to too much product? You’re going to want to get yourself some good shampoo to get all of that gunk out. Then, instead of loading up on the product, hoping for some extra volume, or frying your hair upside with the blow dryer, snag a bottle of BioSilk’s Volumizing Shampoo and let the magic get to work.

Perfect for fine and limp hair, this shampoo offers gentle cleansers that remove any resins from your hair, leaving it soft and clean and imbuing it with some serious volume and body – no product needed! Use along with the BioSilk Volumizing Conditioner, which adds volume and body to even the most lifeless hair out there. Infusing essential volume ingredients including Vitamin A and Vitamin E into your strands, this conditioner also contains Vitamin B and wheat proteins that add fullness and thickness into each and every strand. Silk proteins penetrate your hair to condition and create amazing shine, while UV filters protect your hair from the damaging UVA/UVB rays of the sun. This product line is ideal for those experiencing hair loss or anyone with thinning hair.

Got a problem with frizz? Remedy it with BioSilk’s amazing Smoothing Shampoo. The BioSilk Smoothing System saturates hair with Vitamin B and a hefty dose of humectants to provide maximum moisture and smoothness to frizzy, uncontrollable hair. Get your tresses under control with silk proteins that condition hair and create beautiful shine. Use it alongside BioSilk Smoothing Conditioner and be sure to finish off with BioSilk Smoothing Solution, which you should spray on before you use any sort of heated tools.

Whether you’re straightening or curling, BioSilk’s Smoothing Solution will help your hair maintain its shape and transforms frizzy, uncontrollable hair into smooth, soft and shiny tresses worthy of attention. Simply spray on before you heat style, and watch the magic happen. Another great product for smoothing is BioSilk’s smoothing balm, which provides maximum smoothness and incredible shine on straight hair and eliminates frizz to create the perfect curls in wavy or curly hair.

If your hair is in really terrible condition, you’re going to need BioSilk’s Therapy Treatment line, which is a lightweight replenishing treatment that protects and maintains hair condition. With concentrated silk that’s been fortified with botanicals and vitamin E, this treatment gives your hair a smooth and silky feel while providing great shine.

Whenever your hair is in need of some serious TLC, turn to BioSilk, and get ready for some truly revitalized locks.

Andrea Mills is a freelance writer who writes about beauty and fashion products such as Biosilk Hair Products.

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