Restaurant Recipes

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I love restaurant recipes, I have collected literally thousands over my lifetime. My goal is to have copycat recipes for anything and everything I'd like to cook. Back when I was a kid, my Mother clipped famous recipes from various sources and started a file for me. This was just the humble beginnings of my love for secret restaurant recipes. By the time I was a teenager, I had a pretty good collection, including what my Mom cooked for us.

Unfortunately, my Mom passed away when I was just eighteen, and I was left to do the cooking for my Daddy. My dad used to like copycat restaurant recipes my mother used to cook for him. For a time, I had disaster after culinary disaster. I boiled over, burned, set off the smoke detectors, made biscuits that could double as hockey pucks, and threw out food that even the dog would turn its nose up at, that is until I really learned how to cook. I bought numerous cookbooks and watched Food Network for hours on end. With my slightly obsessive-compulsive personality, I had to be the best at everything, and that also meant that I had to be the best at cooking.

So, I'd like you to know that I have met that objective, and today, I am an awesome cook! I have been able to recreate all of the copy cat recipes I have tried. It didn't happen instantly, but it came down to learning the basic methods and experimenting with hundreds of America's most wanted recipes and modifying them until they were just right. My family and friends know that if I have cooked it from my collection of top secret recipes, it will be delicious!

Back in the good old (pre-recession) days, we used to eat out quite a bit. The hubby would challenge me when we would eat out. When he really loved his dinner, he'd ask me if I could make up something like this at home. Several times I have come pretty close to the restaurant recipe, sometimes better than what we'd had at the restaurant. Things really got better for me making restaurant copycat recipes when I found a restaurant cookbook my husbands mom told me about. It showed step by step how to make even the most challenging top secret restaurant recipes seem easy. How wonderful to get praise from your husband that your home cooked dinner was better than what a real chef made!

Since our budget is slimmer, we don't eat out very often anymore. We just can't afford it right now. Now that I have the cookbooks in my collection, we never miss out on our favorite restaurant recipes. Now I've got a cookbook with the secret recipes of all our favorite restaurants! Surprisingly many of these are very easy recipes, but they are oh-so-good! Don't think that it's too difficult, it's all about finding the best ingredients and using the right recipies. If you want to save some money in your family's budget without having to hear any whining about missing their favorite restaurant food recipes, take my advice. You can make restaurant recipes at home!

Bon Apetit!

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