Resistance Alloys (India) Ltd. offers ISAMI® MI Thermocouple Cables in types K& N,Simplex & Duplex

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Resistance Alloys (India) Ltd. offers ISAMI® MI Thermocouple Cables in types K& N,Simplex & Duplex with various sheath selections like SS 316, 310 & Inconel 600 in sizes from 1.5 mm to 9.5 mm for Simplex (including sizes in inch) and 3 mm to 9.5 mm for Duplex (including sizes in inch). We also offer in types J, E & T and other SS sheaths against specific requirement with MOQ.

The conductors used in our MI Thermocouple Cables are manufactured from mother materials imported from IsabellenhuetteHeusler GmbH & Co. KG, Germany and insulators are from renowned international suppliers. We use imported prime quality SS & Inconel Tubes. The ISAMI® MI Thermocouple Cables conform to all well known International Standards like ANSI/ASTM/IEC/DIN/JIS and are available in Half/Class I and Standard Tolerances.

We believe that the quality of the MI Thermocouple Cable is the key to the longevity of Thermocouple (TC) and accuracy of temperature measurement. Under harsh/high temperature conditions, if MI Thermocouple Cable’s quality is not of the highest standard then TC will start drifting at faster rate. If temperature measurements are inaccurate – customers could be running in a very inefficient mode leading to high increase in costs as well as some fatal scenarios.

One of our key strength is our expertise in the Strand Annealing process, in which, every meter of cable at all stages is passed linearly under a strictly controlled environment with the temperature and speed monitored closely. We have consciously chosen to use strand annealing from the first stage to the final stage including several intermediate cycles. This production practice has ensured very superior annealing as opposed to pot furnace operation. Our attention to detail in the annealing process is one of our main differentiators, which allows us to achieve highest quality ISAMI® MI Thermocouple Cables. We are able to attain special tolerance materials over 95% as also more ductility leading to easier fabrication and installation of thermocouples. A well annealed cable will show slow ‘Ageing’, hence leading to longer operational life of thermocouples, superior accuracy enabling customers to realize better return on investment.

Another highlight is that we have carried out the Sheath Condition and Flexibility test on several coils of our ISAMI® MI Thermocouple Cables on a mandrel size equal to as well as twice the diameter of cable i.e.,3 mm cable wound on a mandrel of 3 mm & 6 mm, 6 mm cable wound on 6 mm & 12 mm mandrel and 8 mm on 8 mm & 16 mm and they successfully passed all the relevant tests as per ASTM E-585.

ISAMI® MI Thermocouple Cables have been tested & approved by Thermocouple manufacturers in USA, UK, Europe, Asia and Middle East and have also been exported to many of them.

ISAMI® MI Cable is fire proof, high pressure rated, cold and thermal shock resistant, moisture proof and high temperature rated and conforms to well known international standards like ASTM, ANSI, IEC, DIN & JIS and is available in standard and special tolerance limits.

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