Reshaping Your Body with Liposculpture

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For many women living in California, regular exercise is not enough to get them back into shape. It has been natural for women to look beautiful inside and out. This nature causes them to feel disappointed whenever they feel like they canít wear their old jeans anymore. This problem has paved way for the development of cosmetic procedures like liposculpture.

Liposculpture is an alternative form of liposuction. It is a technique that uses small suction mechanisms instead of large incisions to remove excess fats in the body. It promises results similar to that of traditional liposuction procedures. Some liposculpture procedures do not require anesthesia, which may be beneficial for many patients as they do not pose health risks, complications and side effects caused by sedation.

The less invasive nature and quick recovery time of liposculpture made the procedure more popular. Because it deals with an outpatient procedure, many patients who endured the procedure can drive themselves home and recover within two to three days. Nevertheless, there are some cases that doctors prescribe medications for their patients to recover in full time.

Many liposuction techniques such as laser liposuction, ultrasound liposuction and water-jet liposuction is also done in liposculpture. Los Angeles cosmetic surgeons explain that these procedures differ by the way they melt down the fats, making it easy for surgeons to suck them out. They also believe that when these procedures are done properly, it can minimize scarring and bleeding.

Like liposuction, there are many areas which can also be treated by liposculpture. Los Angeles cosmetic clinics offer body re-sculpturing in areas such as the neck, thigh, leg, and abdomen. Typically, a large number of women prefer to have their thighs and abdomens treated with liposculpture. On the other hand, men often opt for the procedure to reduce fats in love handles and in the breasts.

The ideal candidates for liposculpture vary from different factors such as age, weight, health condition and diet habits. Nevertheless, liposuction patients might want to consider liposculpture. Los Angeles cosmetic experts believe that the two procedures only differ from the methods used, but they produce the same results.

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