Reputable Egg Donor Programs

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Finding the best place to have egg donation treatment may be considered a challenge because the service of egg donation is associated with a few different parties - the egg donation agency, egg donor clinic and the egg donor. Finding a worldclass establishments that integrates the roles of all parties and makes egg donor programs a seamless approach is an an ideal solution.

The egg donation program will offer various stages:
Receipt of egg donation recipient's medicals. These will be assessed and confirmation of future treatment will be made within 24 hours. This may mean that the person looking for donor eggs requires an intervention or that (s)he is ready for the egg donor program.
Confirmation of the egg donor after her extensive egg donor screening process.
The egg donation agency then communicates continuously with the egg donattion clinic about the egg donor programs. This includes ensuring that the egg donor avails herself for all required appointments, the fertility specilast holds all necessary medicals and contact information about the patient is provided.

Whilst more egg donation agencies have cropped up, of critical relevance is the ability to be guided throughout the process and to know that you can always direct any issues to a central source who will assist with the process.

baby2mom Egg Donation and Surrogacy Programme - offers exactly these egg donor services. Partnered with the best egg donor clinic in South Africa, egg donor programs are seamless and egg donation treatment undertaken with due care for all parties in this third party reproduction. baby2mom is in constant contact with the egg donors and egg donation clinic about the status of the process. Additional benefits of baby2mom include egg donation expertise, access to available egg donors for immediate treatment and egg donors being continuously screened.

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