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The renovations are slowly fading away in our memories. The stress over all the arrangements we had to make hasnít faded. That stress set in months before the actual renovations. With pens and paper at hand we thought we could make it all run smoothly. Iím not telling something new if I say that everything always turns out different from how youíve planned it, but this time we were close to disaster.

Semi-detached, twice the mess

Together with our neighbours we made plans to renovate the adjoining parts of our houses. Fortunately our neighbours are friends of ours; not our dearest friends, but if your friendship survives two renovations at the same time, youíre lucky not to have become the worst of enemies. That didnít happen, it only brought us closer to each other.

When the actual renovations were about to take place (there were two days left before it all would kick off) , we were confronted with a problem we totally oversaw, in spite of all the lists we so carefully put together. Almost everything we could think was on the list, but not where to put our things in the time the renovations were being done. You can hardly imagine how much stuff a family can hoard in a small part of a house in the course of years. Our neighbours had the same problem; they also forgot.

Solution: renting a sea container

I must confess the idea wasnít mine, but what a marvelous idea: renting a sea container to put away your things temporarily. Our neighbour (who works in a removal firm) thought of it because he sometimes works with sea containers.
You might recognize it: an idea that solves more than one problem at the same time. We found a sea container rental company really quickly when we looked on the internet and they were able to deliver the containers in time at the desired location. We also rented a container for the construction materials. Our stuff was safe (the containers had extra locks on them), close at hand and still out of the way. A near-disaster had been avoided by renting sea containers. I would never have guessed I could be happy having two of those big blue metal boxes in my garden, but now I can recommend to anyone who has plans to renovate.

To renovate without the stress of where to put your belongings: renting sea containers ďzeecontainersĒ , ďzeecontainer hurenĒ makes it a lot easier.

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