Renewable Solar Energy- Go Green and Save Money!

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In Arizona, solar energy is available in abundance. Installing solar (AZ) systems in your home or office in Arizona is therefore a viable and smarter option if you really wish to do your bit for saving the environment from harmful gases. Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy doesnít emit pollutants that cause harm to the people as well as the environment. In a solar energy rich state such as Arizona, solar system installation brings in multiple advantages other than just going green.

Depending on the size of the system, you can reduce your electricity costs up to 100% with solar energy systems installed in your home or office. There is rapid rise in utility prices every year. Going solar would save you from huge bills of electricity. Whatís more, the surplus energy thatís generated by your solar system and is not used by you can be fed to the utility grid. This would, in turn, make your electricity meter run backwards.

With solar (AZ) system installed in your home, you are actually adding value to your home or the building. The system would pay for it in the years to come. Installing solar system would increase the value of your property without increasing taxes on it.

Not just that, but the current state as well as federal incentives for solar energy can save up to 80% of your system cost. However, make sure your installer provides solar panels that are backed by 25 years manufacturer warranty. In Arizona, solar installers such as Argent Solar are renowned for their turnkey solutions that enable the customers reap maximum benefits from the renewable solar energy.

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