Removing Stretch Marks - 3 Approaches That Are Proven To Work

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Stretch marks can affect anyone. While its common amongst pregnant women, it can affect teenagers, men and even the elderly. These scars that cause so much self esteem problems are nothing but scars that are formed when the skin gets stretch beyond its elastic abilities. While your skin is incredibly strong and flexible, it does have limits. In theory your skin can stretch to "infinity" but when it gets stretched too much too soon then little tears start forming. They are usually longitudinal and start off as very dark red lines which eventually turns into white scars that are either recessed into the skin or form a longitudinal ridge on the skin.

There's been many theories and home remedies for dealing with stretch marks. Some are more effective than others. The problem is that like any other scar it can be very hard to eliminate it completely. The skin does however have an incredible ability to repair itself and many people have the ability to reduce stretch mark scars to a point where it is almost completely invisible.

So, whether you have them because of a pregnancy, weight gain or excessive muscle gain there is a solution for you. Here are 3 approaches that you can follow. They might not all work for you because there are so many variables but if you have a relatively healthy skin that tends to heal well then you can have good success with it.

1. Do nothing.

What? Yes! While it usually takes a bit longer, for many people these scars will heal in its own time. One thing you can do is to have a healthy diet that is rich in green vegetables and by keeping your skin as healthy as possible, the skin will heal much quicker.

2. Screams and oils.

There are a lot of creams and lotions available on the market. Some promise amazing results but very few of them actually deliver. Many of these creams do have active ingredients though that can be effective in repairing the tissue. Its important that you be patient with these creams though as none of them work overnight. Its usually still a slow process but it can be very effective.

3.Surgery and surgical procedures.

If you don;t have the patience to wait for your scars to disappear then you can take some more drastic measures. There are a number of surgical procedures that can be very effective. There are also non surgical procedures like laser treatment hat is proven to work but it does come at a price and its definitely not cheap. The results are much quicker though and for some people its worker in a matter of weeks.

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