Remove Age Spots So They Don't Come Back

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Learn about melanin and how to control it in order
to remove age spots forever.

How sorry I am for people that just want the facts, only to be fed one confusing thing after another. Everyone wants to remove age spots forever without pain and anguish. That's a simple enough question and deserves a straightforward answer that anyone can understand. So, in order to clarify the mystique of melanin, and how it relates to you, I am going to cut straight to the chase.

The major cause of brown spots on your skin is overexposure to the sun. Early on, when you are a kid, you are able to play out in the sun for hours and have a nice, even tan to show for it. Although you may get sunburned, which would be a
shame, you'll most likely get away with it. The marks don't show up until you are older. Now one thing that is easy to understand about melanin is that your body produces it.

When you are out in the sun it is melanin that protects you by forming a tan, or dark pigment. The more pigment you have, the less likely you are to burn. Your miraculous body is able to produce more melanin, as you need it, to give you a protective layer.

The trouble starts as you get older, probably in your thirties. By then your body no longer works quite as well as it did when you were very young. You may start seeing signs of age, such as little wrinkles and a brown spot here and there. In your youth your body produced enough collagen and elastin to keep your skin looking great. Now your system is becoming more sluggish. You need to pay more attention to your diet and sleep habits. Probably the worst insult is to see brown spots multiplying. You become obsessed with a need to remove age spots once and for all. Because probably everything you've tried thus far has not kept them away.

This is where the melanin story becomes confusing. The more sun damage you get, the more melanin you make. Only now that you are older, the melanin is coming in uneven, causing brown spots where there is too much of it.

You've probably tried over the counter bleaching creams. Or gotten hydroquinone prescriptions from doctors. Or even gotten the ugly brown spots burned off. Yet after a while, they show up again. All you ask is a way to remove age spots so they don't come back.

So one minute your body is making melanin to protect you from the sun, and that's a good thing. Then you are told that the best way to remove age spots so they don't come back is not to bleach them. Not to burn them off, but rather to reduce melanin. Yes. You heard right.

To shed yourself of those brown spots you have to
apply a whitening cream that cuts your body's
melanin production by almost 50%. With only half the melanin the brown spots, that are made up of melanin, will go away. This really does sound a bit confusing, but please accept it at face value because it is true.

Fortunately you can get a chemical free whitening cream that will nourish your skin even while it is reducing your melanin. The end result is soft, evenly colored skin without spots. It won't take you weeks or months, but days. Without suffering.

Your favorite whitening cream will be full of antioxidants, too, that will be like an invisible shield against the sun. It's a win win situation. The only thing you've got to lose is your ugly brown spots.


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