Remove Acne Scar: Keeping Skin Clear After Breakouts Are Gone

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Acne break-outs leave you self-conscious and insecure, and when they leave you will be stuck trying to figure out how to remove acne scar. The pimples might go away, but often leave bright red indentations that can be worse then the original pimple. Scars can occur even if you do not pick or pop pimples, although that might make them worse. Scarring can be mild to severe, with different treatment options available depending on the severity of the scars.

Acne Scar Removal Options

Treatment options vary with scarring severity. Some scarring leaves deep indentations on the skin, while others leaves small, narrow red marks. Although a lot of acne scars will fade by themselves over time, this can take up to six months. There are different topical lotions that can be used to help fade redness and remove acne scars.

These lotions are often over the counter and the least expensive option. Calamine lotion and aloe vera can be used to reduce redness and smooth out the scarred area. Vitamin E is also commonly used and also moisturize skin and increase healing time. Some people choose to use a face moisturizer with Vitamin E and to take a vitamin supplement as well, although it is recommended to speak to a doctor before adding vitamin supplements to your diet. Other commonly used lotions include alpha hydroxy acids, which exfoliate the top layers of skin and targets the deeper layers of scarring to remove the acne scar.

When scarring is more severe, a dermatologist visit can help after current acne flair-ups are under control. A dermatologist will most likely use laser treatments for acne removal. Laser resurfacing is for minor scarring and removes the top layer of skin, which will look smoother as it heals. Dermabrasion also removes the top layer of skin but by using a small wire brush. As the abrasion heals, the new skin will be clear and unscarred.

These techniques will leave a sunburned appearance for about one week while the skin heals but are effective methods to remove acne scar. Fractional laser therapy works on a deeper level to clear up scarring, and will take less time to heal than the first two techniques. Ideally, acne scars will fade on their own, but these are alternative options if extra help is needed.

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