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To ensure Youth participation in the political system of the country, his government lowered the age of voting from 21 to 18.
BYTE Rajiv Gandhi
"Unemployment is the problem of most young people in India and so we have brought down the age of voting from 21 to 18.This will make your (youth) thoughts come up and help in raising your voice, so that a government is formed that helps you".

BYTE Subhash Kashyap
"He wanted that if democracy has to be a success, a common man's participation is must. It requires the real participation."
For a successful democracy, the bargaining of candidates during government formation needs to be checked. He realized that administration is not accessible and answerable to a common man's needs. He was prompt in making changes."
BYTE Rajiv Gandhi
"Till there is a gap in the implementation of schemes and the problems at grass root level, till there is a gap in execution and transparency ,there would be scamps happening. The faulty administrative structure that we have erected today waits for command from Delhi (Central control) for any step to be taken at village level. We need to change this. We need to send control to the village, to the blocks in the rural areas. Then when the question is asked at the rural level, answer is given at the rural level , the scope for wrong execution will be over. Then any programme made from Centre will benefit you fully.

Rajiv Gandhi was equally concerned about the communal harmony of the nation
Byte Rajiv Gandhi
"Mahatma Gandhi ji and Indira Gandhi ji laid down their lives fir the integrity of the nation.India cannot survive without secularism. We will do anything to uphold our secular values. With all my strengths, I shall continue to serve the people of India".

Rajiv Gandhi was a strong supporter of Peace and Harmony, inside the state as well as outside the state.He advocated the need to know the opinion of people against the wars and conflicts. He was very clear expressing his opinion against disarmament on the international platform.
BYTE Rajiv Gandhi, at an International event
"We believe in human rights and human dignity. Peace can not be bought to the mere control of armaments while encouraging the development of newer generation of weapons - nuclear and conventional. Peace requires the diversion of resources from weapons to development. Peace requires a wholesome environment and the conservation of nature's gift of life on planet earth.Peace means an end to terrorism, whether by states or individuals."

Who had known that a soldier of Peace would have died such a violent death.The country was stunned, the world was shocked. Leaders and dignitaries had come from around the world to pay last tributes to the legend.
Rajiv Gandhi in his short span of leadership achieved so much for India what many can't get in whole life.
Today on his Martyrdom day, Nation salutes the visionary.


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