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In this set up of Panchayti Raj, every strata of society got equal opportunities. Today every level of society is a participant in the process of progress.
Today India has a strong standing in the field of Information Technology throughout the globe and the credit goes to Rajiv Gandhi
BYTE Rajiv Gandhi
"We need to ensure that newest of technology is utilized and used at the rural level. We need to befriend Science and technology to jump to higher notches."

BYTE NarayanMoorti , founder , Infosys
"He raised the confidence of the nation.He emphasized on the role of technology, Information Technology in particular. I think he showed to the world that he had a dream, he ‘too had a dream' as he said. We all got enthused by seeing a young, idealistic and dynamic person.Rajiv Gandhi was one of the two people whose death invoked great sentiments in me because he was Young, dynamic and he had a vision for India for the future. He was an extraordinary leader and I think we all are going to miss him.I wish he had lived longer"

BYTE PurushottamAgrawal
"The best part about Rajiv Gandhi's vision was that he realized it very early that in the progress of India, Information Technology is going to play a decisive role. To realize this, to say this and to be joked about for this vision was only possible for him because he was apolitical by thoughts and so he could say what was right without being entangled by momentary politics."

Decades before, Rajiv Gandhi had imagined the world of today. During his tenure he initiated a lot of programmes for the progress of technology.

BYTE Subhash Kashyap
He laid stress on the development of fields like Space research , Nuclear research , Genetic Engineering , Genetic Biology and Computer software development.
Showing focus towards these selected areas, he was instrumental in India's success in theses areas."

Rajiv Gandhi had the conviction to change his dreams into reality. He wanted to development initiatives to be treated like a mission and so all his targets were his missions rather.

BYTE Rajiv Gandhi
"We have devised a very special programme for Women.For the first time a perspective plan is made that digs deep into the problems of Women in India and tries to solve them."

Byte PurushottamAgrawal
Rajiv Gandhi's emphasis on Panchayti Raj explains the fact that he believed that in a country like India or for that matter any country the real power ,be it political or administrative, cannot be fully tapped and democratized without women "

Rajiv Gandhi was not only interested in the technological development of the country but he had equal interest in maintaining the national culture.
Byte Rajiv Gandhi
I was touring Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh for 3 days. Wanted to know how difficult life is in these places. See the coincidence, It has snowed and now I know how difficult it is for you."
He wanted the structure of development to be uniform and in sync with the national culture.

BYTE Rajiv Gandhi
"The biggest problem is lack of discipline. Discipline everywhere, on the roads, discipline in public and at a much higherlevel discipline in the functioning of Governments. Central Government,State governments. This is where we need to tighten up."

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